I’m stitching

I’m stitching

I’m stitching as fast as I can which, unfortunately, is still pretty slow.  This is block C-1 from a pattern called Worcester Beauty-A Maryland Album Quilt.  It is an almost exact reproduction of a quilt in the collection of the DAR Museum (link to quilt images here) and was part of the extraordinary Eye on Elegance exhibition from a couple of years ago.  Debby Cooney is the owner and gave permission to the AQSG Maryland seminar committee to pattern her quilt as a fundraiser.  In addition, some committee members and talented Baltimore Applique Society members are stitching the quilt (by hand!!) which will then be quilted (again, by hand!!) and either raffled or auctioned to help raise more funds for AQSG.  This is my contribution and I’m down to the last large red flower.  I think I might have to fix the yellow vase on the right, too.  The stems underneath are a bit bulky.  Hopefully, it will straighten out when washed and pressed.

If you are interested in the pattern, it can be purchased for $40 (plus $4.50  mailing in U.S. – check for overseas postage amount).  Contact mdquiltheritage@gmail.com.  I have more pictures to share in the coming days!

Original Maryland Album Quilt – Private Collection


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10 thoughts on “I’m stitching”

  • So is the original all solids? I enlarged the photo, but I can't tell if I am seeing prints in some places, or just texture from the quilting, and some fabric wearing away.
    It is a delightfully unique quilt.

  • The original is all solids. The red, probably Turkey red, has crocked a bit so you see some white patterning. We couldn't find contemporary teal color in available solids so one of our committee members made the genius suggestion that we use the reverse side of a Moda Grunge fabric. The back is perfectly solid and worked like a charm.

  • Have been following this lovely quilt on blogs – so tempting…trying to stay focused on my 2018 plans. The thing to do is buy a raffle ticket and hope…
    Your block is wonderful – enjoy the process!

  • Your block is wonderful. Such a beautiful quilt, I was fortunate to see the original in person at the Eye on Elegance exhibit. Thanks for the info on ordering the pattern, I look forward to purchasing one. Wishing you huge success on your fundraising efforts!

  • That's a great idea to use the back of Moda Grunge. I'll have to look at the backs of some of the colors I'd like to find in solid. Teals are really hard to find these days.

    Your block is delightful. I most often see reproduction fabrics in applique (of old-style blocks) so it's really fun to see the solid fabrics.

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