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    Why little quilts? I love traditional quilts and how different they can look depending on what colors and prints we use or how we combine the blocks. The combinations are infinite, but the space for storing those big quilts is limited. So, I started making little quilts. They are quicker to finish and if we keep our projects small we can show them off in cozy little pops of color and pattern all over the house and easily change our displays based on the seasons, holidays or just where our imagination takes us.

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    Small Wonders: Mastering Tiny Nine Patch Blocks Without the Fuss

    Small Wonders: Mastering Tiny Nine Patch Blocks Without the Fuss

    Tiny quilt blocks can have a big impact in a quilt. Learning tips for working with small pieces will make the process easier on the quilter. Making tiny nine patch blocks can be a tedious process. Using the traditional square-by-square piecing technique, you must cut and sew nine small individual squares for each block. If…

    red white and blue quilt with blocks set on point
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    How to Piece a Quilt with the Blocks Set on Point

    This post is about the differences between a straight set quilt and one with the blocks set on point. It will also teach you how to calculate the size of the corner and side setting triangles for any size quilt blocks. What is the difference between a straight set quilt layout and one that is…

    Cookies and Quilts

    There is something about color that makes me think of quilts and food, especially cookies. When I found myself making cookies to match my latest quilt project, I thought, why not? Quilters have to eat and they love to provide treats for when they get together so explore these posts to find something yummy you can make!

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    Free Little Quilt Patterns

    Check out these links below to find a cute little weekend project that’s free to you! Periodically, we host a quiltalong weekend coupled with a tasty snack or yummy smoothie and spend some time sewing and checking with each other on Instagram.

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