I finally got back to my sewing machine last Sunday.  My motivation was the arrival of a whole bolt of cheddar colored fabric from Moda.  I’ve been seeking the Moda Bella cheddar and I found it.  I have all sorts of cheddar projects floating around in my head and I thought I would kick things off with a nine patch.  So I pulled out my brown box and cut lots of squares.

I am also trying to find places to stash the part of the stash that is piled around my house.  Where better to stash it than in a quilt.  So, I cut more squares from this brown spot background.  I only wish I could remember where I bought it since I didn’t remember to do math before I got busy cutting.  These squares aren’t enough to finish my quilt.  Ah, well, who said it couldn’t be controlled scrappy.  There’s got to be another fabric that I can use, too.

I took my brown and dots and made some of these.

Now, I have one of these.  I want a quilt that’s a little bigger than my usual small quilt but not a big quilt.  I am thinking something I can fold over the back of a chair for a pop of cheddar deliciousness.  So, I figure I will need about 17 more of these blocks.

I also found a delightful shop called Two Thimbles in Bellingham, Washington.  One of the things I like about Pinterest is it shows me things I would not find on my own.  The little “T” quilt (see the pattern sticking out of the bag?) was a project the shop did for their anniversary a couple of years ago.  Fortunately, they were still selling kits on their website.  Do you love the cute little brown bag it is packed in?  I also ordered a couple of stacks of fat quarters in (more) cheddar and indigo.  I have a real hankering for a blue and cheddar quilt, too.

P.S.  Keep your fingers crossed for my machine sewing projects.  When I turned Bernie on last Sunday she insisted on only sewing backwards – again!  I had this problem last year and she was in the hospital for the whole summer.  I turned her off and on a couple of times and she straightened out.  But, it happened again last night and the on and off trick didn’t work.  I cleaned her, told her how pretty and smart she was and even tried giving her a bit of a smack.  I think it was the smack because she went back to straight sewing at last.  I know she needs to go in the shop but I don’t have time to take her there until at least Saturday and I really would like to finish this top first.

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  1. Love the cheddar, it's a colour I'm always on the lookout for. I also bought that cute little "T" quilt kit from Two Thimbles and came home and made it up right away. I was drawn to the green fabric. I think it would also be cute with the blues and cheddars.

  2. Two Thimbles is my quilt store of choice…Lee has one of the finest collections of civil wars around. Yes I am afraid a lot of it does follow me home. Plus it is a fun shop!

  3. I've been thinking about cheddar as well. I haven't been to Two Thimbles for so long…hopefully I will get there soon.

  4. There is a collection at the Fatquartershop called Massachusetts Mill Girls Fat Quarter Bundle
    Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers Fabrics it looks like some of your fabrics or similar in case you dont find what you bought too little of..Also Autumn Moon ,all under title fatquarters..

  5. Looks like you have anther winner in the works! Cheddar continues to be popular with quilters, and we can never get enough brown prints! Is this going to be a big quilt?

  6. Love what is going on with. your little 9 patches & cheddar! Wishing you smooth running with your machine. We have been on the road since July 16th & won't be back home until September. Know my Bernina is pouting with neglect. While I adore all the beautiful batiks here in Alaska I sure miss my beloved reproductions. But life is wonderful either way!

  7. I'm loving the cheddar in anything but the browns really look great with it. I hope that machine doesn't need a long time in repairs when it goes.

  8. Ah, Bellingham. Where Costco is overrun with out-of-towners (do I have the right town?), and where my niece just moved. Too bad she is not a quilter.
    All of your fabrics are wonderful! I LOVE the double 9-patch.
    And the indigo and cheddar? Be still my heart!

  9. Two Thimbles is one of 6 shops in my area, but she is the one for repro's. It' a must see shop if you are up in Bellingham. Love the 9 patch and cheddar. SO GOOD!

  10. You made me think of "The Help" You is pretty, you is smart, you is kind. Not the smack part, but still gave me a giggle this morning.

  11. Love your little cheddar project! And that little T quilt is so sweet! Hope your machine toughs it out until Saturday. Good luck!

  12. A good smack is my hubbies solution to misbehaving machines! I have been to the shop in Bellingham! So glad it is still thriving. And the cheddar on the top of your pile from them is one of my favorites. Both quilts are going to be just yummy.

  13. Oh do I ever love browns and cheddar! Your quilt is just lovely! The nine patch is such a sweet quilt and such a classic. Love it!

    Hope your machine gets moving for you and stays moving. I guess there's always hand piecing…though it takes longer.

    Happy stitching!

  14. wow – three of my favorite things in one block! I love the cheddar with the brown and shirting fabrics together. I also love the double 9-patch. I have one going, maybe I'll get it out again soon.
    The little T quilt looks sweet.
    Good luck with your machine.

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