Ready to fly

Well, it’s almost ready to fly…all the way to Australia for Quilts in the Barn 2012: An Exhibition of Red and White Quilts (including antique red and white quilts by Mary Koval). It just needs a label that commemorates the occasion and the woman in whose memory it was made. I don’t usually do labels so if you can point me toward instructions for using the computer printer to print on fabric I would be much obliged.

I sent this one to Bellwether for hand quilting and I think they outdid themselves. They knew this was an extra special project for me and I love the attention to detail that went into the quilting in the basket and the outlines around the blocks and the baskets and the handles. Did I mention it was back to me in about 3 weeks?!?

Here’s one more picture of the finished little quilt. This is my first red and white finish since last year’s red and white quilt extravaganza in New York. The solid fabrics do showcase hand quilting well so I hope to make some progress on my other red/white starts.

And…a photo of the back to see the incredible quilting.

Finally, you never know where you will find inspiration. After spending all weekend cleaning up my sewing space I saw a Dear Jane block on Elly’s blog and I knew I had to do at least one for myself. This is C-9 Jane’s Tears. I thought the name was unfortunate because I was skipping around my sewing room after I finished it. That’s what some happy red fabric and a little applique will do for you. It’s a bonus when you find the prepped block under a pile of clutter. Clutter that’s now gone, I might add.

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  1. Taryn
    I prepare my labels on the PC then print out and adjust sizing on photcopier. I then tape the print-out to a window, tape my label fabric over and go over the label by hand with a pigma pen…adding any little embellishments as I go. I don't trust laser toner to last as well as real ink. K

  2. I have good luck with Fons & Porter's sheets of Printed Treasures prepared fabric sheets and my regular Word program. In 6 years of repeated washings that label has not faded very much that I can tell.

  3. l can't wait to read the label. Many thanks for the wonderful gift you are giving to our exhibition at this years Quilts In the Barn. The money raised from the raffle will be donated to Breast Cancer Research. Oh my!! that parcel will be special to open.

  4. At first I thought YOU were almost ready to go to Australia! I thought what a lucky girl you were. The quilt is beautiful. You can't beat red and white for impact.

  5. Beautiful red and white quilt! I never heard of someone here in The Netherlands who will handquilt a quilt for someone else. Ofcourse they machine quilt quilts on longarm machines here, but not by hand I think. It is very nicely done.

  6. This is how I make labels:
    . create word doc with label text centered and to type scale – lots of script possibilities.
    . iron 8 1/2 x 11 fabric piece to 8 1/2 x 11 waxed paper backed freezer paper.
    . mark an 'x' on printer paper and print test copy of label so you know which way paper feeds.
    . put freezer paper/fabric sheet in printer tray. My home printer works find, but have had problems with some printers. I took to Staples and they fed thru the xerox and it worked fine.
    . let dry completely and go over lettering with pigma pen.
    . put in bowl of soapy water (or thru wash cycle) to make sure lettering retains enough color (printer ink/toner will wash out).
    Email me if you need more direction.

  7. Beautiful little Baskets quilt, both you and the handquilter did a wonderful job on this gorgeous red/white piece!!! What a wonderful addition to the exhibition!!!

  8. The little basket quilt is beautiful. I love love love hand quilting. The little appliqued block is just as cute as can be and your workmanship is to be envied.

  9. Use your favorite font on your Word program and print on fabric run through the computer with Freezer paper ironed on the back. Nice hand quilting. That was FAST!

  10. your basket quilt is wonderful and the quilting is stunning!
    I use a pigma marker on cotton fabric that has been ironed onto freezer paper for stability when making labels.

  11. Fabulous quilt and quilting is gorgeouse! I would write directly on the back of the quilt with a pigma pen for the label. That way no one can ever remove it! What size is this top? and do you know if we are going to be able to buy chances on winning it? I'd love a few chances at owning this beauty.

  12. The basket quilt is gorgeous. They did a lovely job on the quilting. What a treasure!
    Can't help you on the labels. I don't make mine that way. Sorry.

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