RIP…My big bag of new Judie Rothermel fabrics

Friday was a very fun day for me because I went to the International Quilt Festival (more on that in my next post) in Chicago. But, Saturday, I discovered I suffered a sad loss somewhere on my trip home. As you know, I LOVE reproduction quilts and reproduction fabrics. Naturally, the Judie Rothermel designs for Marcus Brothers fabrics are at the top of my list. Judie had a booth (Schoolhouse Quilts) at the quilt show and I went there intending to buy lots of fabric. I did not disappoint. They have these wonderful little bundles of some of her older prints (kinda pricey) and competitive prices on fat quarters of her current lines. I amassed a nice basket full of tightly folded fat quarters, pricey small bundles and even pricier cellophane wrapped packages of other prints. I can’t resist a good fabric presentation.
Naturally, the Schoolhouse Quilts booth wasn’t the only one I visited and I had a large canvas tote bag brimming with new toys. I was on a day trip so I had no other baggage. However, with my purse, my canvas bag and my stuffed bag of Judie Rothermel fabrics, I was over the “carry on” limit of “two items per person.” I was going to consolidate when I got to the gate but the security personnel at O’Hare were testy (it was a Friday evening) and the security officer in charge of line management told me in no uncertain terms that I was going to consolidate right then and there before I went through the x-ray experience. So, I plunked by bag of repro fabrics on top of the other stuff in my canvas bag and proceeded to the x-ray examination.
Quilt purchases can really raise the suspicions of airport security, let me tell you. They ran that bag back and forth three times before taking my bag and me to the manual search area. They took everything out, went through my assorted smaller plastic bags and quizzed me about the nature of a suspicious quilt kit. I will admit, that brick shaped bundle with a bow tied around it looked pretty insidious when held under my nose by TSA officials. The TSA officer searching my stuff was very nice, but definitely was not a quilter. She took my consolidated bag and told me it would be easier in several parts (tell it to the zealous woman managing the line) and sent my stuff through again. Unfortunately, something was still raising a red flag. So, apart my bag went again until TSA discovered the pincushion pictured above. If you ever take a sand stuffed pincushion with you through airport security, you might want to declare it up front so you don’t wind up with about 50 people checking out how much quilt stuff you can buy at one show. It seems that little bugger looks like it might be a b**b.
Anyway, after I got my belongings back I proceeded to the gate with slippery plastics bags dripping everywhere. I tried to reorganize while waiting for my delayed flight but I think I might have missed my bag of repro fabrics and boarded the plane without it. Or, it might have slipped out on the plane, I just don’t know. I have called United Airlines lost and found both at O’Hare and BWI but I am not holding my breath. I hope that someone found that bag and loves reproduction fabrics as much as I do and can put them to good use. I am in mourning.

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  1. Oh, my goodness! What a story. And to lose your repro fabrics on top of the whole thing. I hope you get them back but I figure the way airlines lose everything, that it may be a lost cause.
    I like Judy Rothermel fabrics, too. You can get them very reasonably priced through MaryJo’s in Gastonia, North Carolina.
    I used to shop at Maryjo’s a lot when we lived in South Carolina. Now I shop there maybe once a year when we are in that area.

  2. Oh, how I feel for you! I am currently in a mourning process myself. A small quilt (about a square yard) was lost on our way home from a local playground. I too hope someone appreciative person will find it. Lesson learned about signing quilts! The pincushion is a delight. WHAT is that fabric in the center square. From the appearance of the pincushion and your blog in general you seem to have a collection of fabrics to comfort you in your mourning process. Take care! Love, Una

  3. Love the pincushion, its beautiful
    oh my I feel so bad for you. I hope they find your bag of fabric, yes I would be in mourning too.
    looking forward to seeing more of your work…

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