Do you have a “go to” quilt?

I am enjoying some family time, some “me” time, and some sewing time this Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  My sewing and cutting tables were (still are) covered with piles of fabrics, pieces of projects, other sewing miscellany, and DUST.  I can usually measure my sewing progress by my number of blog posts and 2014 has a pathetic 4 posts.  All four posts are about antique quilts and quilt shows.  I’ve been inspired this year but it hasn’t translated into action.  I want to change that.

So, I went to my “go to” project.  Whenever I cut fabric I save the little bits and cut them into 7/8″ x 1-1/4″ rectangles for my favorite little tile quilt.  Restarting the sewing engine is a familiar theme in my blog and I used this little quilt many times.  I’ve posted about it here, here, here, and here.  I just love playing with the fabrics and remembering the projects they went into and revisiting my favorite fabric lines and designers.  Since I didn’t have to cook the holiday dinner this year I arranged a platter with a little fabric feast.

I also got busy and quilted a previous tiny quilt project.  I am embarrassed to say my machine piecing and hand quilting skills are very rusty.  There is always a learning curve when I pick up hand quilting but I also bought a new machine this year and we are having some adjustment issues with the 1/4″ seam.  My beloved Bernina 1130 was getting cranky in her old age.  There were times when she would only sew backwards and other times when she refused to sew backwards.  If I tried to get her to sew backwards she would get mad and then only sew forwards with gigantic stitches.  I took her to the shop and got all the dire diagnoses but told the repairman to do whatever was necessary to get the old girl running again.  Still, it was time to bring in a backup.  I’m not a “bells and whistles” kind of gal so I went for a basic Bernina.  Give me a perfect straight stitch (and the ability to do a backstitch when necessary), a walking foot, and a quarter inch foot and I’m satisfied.  Or so I thought.  This little whippersnapper just doesn’t have the feel of my old machine.  I think it is the plastic housing.  My old machine has metal everywhere.  You’re not getting me into the 21st century without some kicking and screaming.  Plastic.  Pffft.


Just a couple more of my little “go to” quilts.  The red one has been pictured here before but, hey, I told you haven’t done any sewing for ages.  I do love tucking these little sweeties around the house. They are delightful little surprises for me.



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  1. Fun to sew on a little quilt to get used to a new machine. You might have to get a Featherweight for that 'metal' feel.
    I think you've motivated me to spend a few hours in the sewing room today!

  2. Those are great little quilts. So, did you get your old machine back from the servicing? Everything is plastic these days! It is very annoying!

  3. I love your little "go to" quilt. I need to keep this in mind for some of my little scraps! How fun to make one whenever you need a kick-start to sew. So sweet!!
    Oh, that is such a clever display, having tiny quilts rolled up in a jar!

  4. Such a sweet little stack of quilts and teasing glimpses of the rolled up beauties in their baskets. The transition from one machine to another can be challenging even with our beloved Berninas. My first one was the 1260 which is primarily metal and has the weight to prove it but still runs so well and actually does a better buttonhole stitch IMHO compared to my newer 440QE which as you mentioned features more plastic housing. Still they are a pleasure to sew on once we get on friendly terms!!7

  5. Oh I love them!! I hope you won't mind that I have to make a note of your 'go to' quilts so I can make some for me too. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks so much for sharing this inspiration. 🙂

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