Dear Jane weekend

I remedied my block blunder from earlier this week and finished another D-6 in a fabric I like.


And, I managed a little forward momentum so I kept working on Dear Jane blocks this weekend and finished D-7 (also hand pieced).


I am avoiding paper piecing but not machine piecing. Rotary cutting E-8 and I-3 and machine piecing enabled me to finish four whole DJ blocks this weekend. I now have 25 finished blocks. If I make three DJ blocks a week I’ll have the center blocks finished in a year. But, seriously, I predict one more week of DJ progress and then, fickle me, I’ll be lured away by other projects.


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  1. Your blocks all look so precisely pieced. I saw a DJ quilt today but only part of the center was showing. I'm fickle too but I'm cheering you on.

  2. But how fun to have these spurts of progress, and a variety of projects from which to choose. I have had the Dear Jane book since …well. forever, but I haven't made a single block. Your blocks look great!

  3. I know the feeling of having a large project with lots of little bits. But sooner or later (probably later for you yet) there is some point when a project is 2/3? 3/4? 7/8? done and the momentum keeps pushing and you finally finish. I love that sense of momentum. I wish I could bottle it up and apply it to other projects, or even the housework! The blocks look great!

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