Little House from Scraps

Note that scraps are plural and house is singular. I decided hand piecing these little cuties was the best method for me but it definitely isn’t the fastest. I didn’t want to go to bed last night without at least starting my first block no matter how tired I was. The problem with that was I kept dozing off as I worked on it. After the third time waking up with the threaded needle in my right hand the fabric in my left I realized it was probably safer to not stitch and snore and set it aside until this morning.

As soon as I saw Jeanneke’s generous and brilliant project I knew I had to join. House blocks are, after all, one of my all time favorites. I definitely cannot make a house a day as Jeaneke designed the project but will endeavor to produce one a week – or maybe one a month. I will also try to work on my other house projects which are described here and here. Yikes, that a lot of unfinished dwellings! There are a couple of blue and white houses I’d like to start building, too. Does this mean 2012 is the Year of the House for me?

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  1. Hi Taryn!

    I've had the pattern for a few weeks now and want to start my first house. I decided I would hand piece but was wondering if ironing on freezer paper to a copy of the pieces would be strong enough. I have no template plastic and haven't found any here in sweden. I am hand piecing my hexies this way and it seems to be fine for that shape, what do you think? How are you actually piecing yours, with or without template plastic? Thanks for your time.



  2. Oh, how well I know that feeling of fighting off the doze to try and "finish up" something, only to keep waking up and realizing you are going nowhere! : )
    Cute little house, and I think the one a week or month is a great idea. More doable, though I have decided not to go into construction at the present time.

  3. I love these little houses and did not find out about the project until the pattern was no longer available. Still, I can enjoy everyone else's progress !

  4. Hi Taryn–I just found your blog (from Teresa @ Fabric Therapy) and I love your quilts. The house is really cute and those little red baskets are to die for….am a rank applique beginner, but do like hand work too (used to knit, needlepoint, embroider). Thanks for a lovely show Julierose

  5. The little houses are popping up all over blogland. I feel like I am missing out on the fun. But I have a house quilt top made that needs quilting. I should not start another.

  6. Little house looking oh so good. It will make a gorgeous little quilt. It is also a nice way to showcase your reproduction fabric.

  7. Your sweet little house is darling. They are. so much fun to make. I have made 7 so far I'm like you will try to make a few a week.

    So many fun, creative ideas out there and not enough time!

    Carolyn 🙂

  8. Your little house is darling! I love the idea of this project but I do not enjoy hand piecing or paper piecing so I will content myself to watching everyone else build these little cuties!

  9. I love that you're hand piecing them…..I thought about that, too! It's such a nice little portable project…..a whole house in a baggie with needle and thread, easily fits in the coat pocket! I just might have to make up a few now! Thanks!

  10. It's a beauty. I have not even started mine yet, but plan to do so today. I've put it off way too long already. My plan was to do one a week, but I think one a month is good and twelve blocks at the end of the year should make a sweet little quilt of some sort 🙂
    I'm also working on another house SAL on another blog so I need to work on those too!

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