Sweet Tea with Lemon

This is my version of Lori’s latest quilt along (Pink Lemonade). I have been wanting to make a gold and brown quilt out of reproduction fabrics and this was just the pattern. Like Kathie, I reduced the size of the quilt to include just the whole blocks. The yellow is an old Judie Rothermel Baltimore Album fabric that I’ve saved for years and am now wishing I bought more of it. I love the drab kind of dull brownish cast it has. In case you cannot tell from the photo colors, it works perfect with the brown fabrics. In keeping with the beverage themed names I am calling this one Sweet Tea with Lemon ’cause of the browns. Although, I am thinking that since there is so much yellow I ought to name it Arnold Palmer after the half tea/half lemonade drink.

Here is one more Dear Jane block, L-1. I actually made it weeks ago but wanted to get a photo before I put it away. I was inpsired by the blog That Quilt and hope to make one of the “melon” blocks next. I hadn’t noticed before, but there are quite a few melons in the original DJ quilt.

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  1. Love your Sweet Tea/AP color combo! Don't feel bad about not having more of the yellow, this was just the project it was waiting for so its job is done!

  2. Lovely variation of Lori's quilt, and the name is fun. Your brown and yellow fabrics look great together.
    BTW–Arnold Palmer sounds like a logical name choice too. I'm feeling uneducated today. I had to look up that one.

  3. I like the name and color change you made with the pattern. I am doing the quilting on mine and will soon have it finished. A fun sew along.

  4. Lovely little quilt–I really like that mustardy/brown color, too. That and cheddar and double pinks…yum–sounds like a nice afternoon tea….Julierose

  5. Love your Ice Tea version of the Pink Lemonade quilt…great little quilt! I am setting my blocks together and will soon be ready to quilt…love seeing all the quilts that are being made in this QOL.

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