Getting out of my own way

Excuse me, coming through, step aside, out of my way please. Boy, life can certainly get in the way. Work, chores, responsibilities all conspire to keep us from what we really want to do…quilt!! It all got so frustrating for me that I couldn’t sew even when I did find a bit of time. To recharge, my hubby and a couple of my kids headed south to my brother’s beautiful South Carolina home for our third family Crabfest. It was a welcome vacation and a delightful long weekend with my extended family.

A relaxing weekend must include some wine!

The party begins with the delivery of three bushels of those delicious crustaceans, blue crabs.

My brother assembled his set-up crew. The man was a born manager.

My niece is a master at gourmet cupcakes and this year she wowed us with cake pops. Let me tell you, I made sure I consumed enough to make sure I wasn’t craving cake pops for at least a couple of weeks.

The night before Crabfest we warmed up with a “rehearsal dinner.” Lots of shrimp and some great baked potatoes that I hope to recreate this weekend.

We swapped out the wine for a more festive beverage to accompany the crabs.

It wasn’t all eating and drinking. We spent plenty of time at the beach, enjoying sand and sun and the antics of the newest generation.

It was just what I needed to kick back, eat and relax. Now I am ready to catch back up on what you all have been doing. This coming weekend is my quilt guild show and I need to stitch on a couple of hanging sleeves and then drop off the quilts I’ve finished this spring.

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  1. Wow those crabs look awesome! We have a Christmas Eve tradition in our family; we have cracked crab and champagne. The whole family comes out. There are around 24 of us at the dinner table, and what's funny is that for such a noisy family, we're very quiet when it comes to dinner! Everybody is too busy digging into their crab parts to think about conversation. haha Family dinners are great.

  2. Nothing is better than spending time and relaxing with our own family, but I have to admit that your family food surpasses anything ours family has served. Oh my!! It all looks wonderful!

  3. How fun! You lucky girl. that food looks delicious! Look at that hammock! I always want to take my quilting with me to the beach, but it's not feasible. wouldn't that be a great day though, sitting on the beach and quilting away!

  4. What a fun weekend….and all that food looked amazing! Love crab! Yeah, sometimes the quilting just HAS to take a backseat! But not for long, right!?! lol

  5. oh that sounds like the perfect weekend to me!
    take lots of pictures at the quilt show, can't wait to see what quilts you submitted!

  6. Oh, you're making me hungry. I usually get steamed crabs only once a year at our community pool adult night labor day weekend. Do I have to wait that long!?!? Hopefully not. Enjoy your quilt show. My guilds show was just last weekend. They are so fun and inspiring!

  7. Yes! Life sure does get in the way of our wanting to quilt! But your life in the south looks wonderful! That just looked like you all had so much fun!

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