I missed you guys!

It’s been about a month since I posted and just as long since I’ve done some serious blog reading and commenting. June was a busy travel month – some of it was fun and more of it was work. The fun part was in Surfside, South Carolina with my family (see last post) and I also had the privilege of visiting New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC and Michigan for my work. I carried my fourth block of the Flower Garden pattern with me everywhere but never took a stitch. Finally, finally, I had some time at home over the Independence Day weekend (and some extenuating circumstances to be expounded upon later) and did some real hand applique work. Ta-da! I completed my fourth flower block. The funky shading in the background is the result of photographing this on a dark rug. This is my favorite block. I just love yellow.

In order to have more than just my one feeble completed applique block, I am going to include some graphic, gratuitous antique quilt photos. The Delectable Mountains design is, well, delectable. Or is that Delectible (no, I don’t think so)? This is a pattern I would love to own but could never exercise the self discipline to do it myself. Doesn’t this one have a gorgeous blue/white fabric?

I am seeing some quilts with complex patterns like this popping up in the blog world and I am so impressed with the skill involved in putting together a quilt pattern like the one pictured above. I also love the colors (soft and aged) in this one. Should I challenge myself to try something like this?

The quilt above is one I like because it initially reads as two-colore (and red and white, to boot!) but has so much variety of great, authentic fabrics. I keep peeking at it when I want to make something that says – oh, she just used what was in her scrap bag. Hee hee!

This is one I used to own. I say used to own because I bought it as a gift for one of my very favorite people, my sister-in-law. I think those legal formalities are so cumbersome. She is one of my longest and best(est) friends. I won’t bore you with the details of why the butterfly is significant here, but it is. The pink on this one is quite overpowering but the hand stitching (quilting and embroidery) is quite nice. That is why I got it as one of those BIG DECADE birthday gifts for my great friend.

I have no good reason for this picture except you know I love house blocks and am playing around with this pattern. I can’t decide about colors. Do I mix them up, how do I set them? Oh well, I’ll come up with something.

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  1. We will be going to Myrtle Beach in September. The quilt shops are few and far between in that area unless there is something new.

  2. Lovely applique block – what method do you like to use?
    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous antique quilts. Very tempting to start a new project! – it would be the R&W with the gazillion hsts. I think I'm on a hst kick!

  3. Your applique block is quite gorgeous, love the colours you have used!! Enjoyed seeing the antique quilts too!! I love the red/white one especially!!!

  4. great block, I love yellow too!
    oh the schoolhouse block is great, a good way to use some of your favorite fabrics while you make colorful houses! of course you can make a few house quilts so that red and white one can be next perhaps?
    ok, love the antique quilts and of course I want to see more
    the delectable mountain quilt would be wonderful to reproduce and the next one well count me in after you figure out the pattern!!!!!!
    love the red quilt and yes its on my list along with that ocean wave quilt and yes it reads read to me too!!!!

  5. Your flower block is so cheerful and beautiful. Love the red/white quilt and especially those alternating cornerstones – pinwheel, broken dish…

    I also want to do a schoolhouse block or two but haven't gotten around to it yet

  6. Great block! Nice yellow flower, but I LOVE the leaves – great farbic choices.
    The antique quilts are beautiful – all stunning.
    Happy Stitching!

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