I love New York. Everytime I visit, I wish I lived there. But, this view out of my hotel window left me wondering that, if I did live in the city, would I wind up like these trees straining to find the sun? Who knows…but I do love to visit and will do so as often as I can. One of my favorite things is seeking out unique and interesting shops.

There is a fantastic yarn shop in SoHo called Purl and they have a sister shop a few doors down called Purl Patchwork. As you can see below, the shop is tiny, but they have yarns from floor to ceiling on both sides and the yarns are very, very delicious. The patchwork shop is equally tiny so you won’t find a lot of fabrics, but whoever buys for them has great taste. Purl also publishes a great blog called The Purl Bee. There you will find all sorts of knitting, crocheting and patchwork projects with links to complete instructions.

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  1. Oo – looks like you had a nice time. I really long to go back to NY – I was there at 13. Purl is one place I wish I could go to. Take care.

  2. I've never been to NYC, but I'd sure like to. I also like to find fun, unique shops and retaurants in interesting parts of town. YOu never know what treasures await!

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