Kim Diehl class

I took a fun workshop on Monday with quilt author and designer, Kim Diehl. The project was her pattern, Bittersweet Briar. I never worked with wool before so I thought a class would be a better way than trial and error to learn how to work with the stuff. Kim did not disappoint and it is e-a-s-y to work with wool. Fast, too. There aren’t any shops in my area with a good selection of wool so I ordered from one of my favorite sources, The Quilt Merchant, outside Chicago. They were super helpful and I think you will agree that they put together some great colors for my project. I just emailed them the supply list that included a color picture of the project and they did the rest. It turns out, they will be having Kim at their shop next year to teach the very same project.

A bonus I got from the workshop was the chance to meet a new member of my guild who is also a rug hooker. We started chatting about rug hooking, wool suppliers and the possibility of going on a wool hunt ourselves through the second hand shops. I spend so much time talking, I didn’t get much done on my class project. See, below is all I accomplished.

I liked working with wool and the technique is so fast and easy I am optimistic that I will get more done on this project soon. Check out Kim Diehl’s website. She has that “tradition with a twist” style that is colorful and fun, yet true to the traditional blocks and applique I love.

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  1. what a great class that must have been.
    I would love to take a class with her too.
    Love her books.
    I haven't tried that thread but am going to order some, I love the look of utility stitch on some quilts.

  2. I don't know Kim Diehl but it sounds like you had a great day in her class. Wool is not something I have tried yet but would like to have a go some day. So far your block looks really good. Have fun with it!

  3. Here comes another OO. Wow, how lucky you have been to take one of KD's classes. I enjoy her patterns so much in APQ magazine. Looking at them, I mean. Wool is a new adventure I'd love to dive into. Have fun!! Your block so far looks reallly nice:)

  4. A couple of my favorite quilt books are by Kim Diehl. Her projects are such a great combination of folk art + whimsical. How lucky you are to have had a class with her. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with those yummy wools.

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