Let me sleep on it

I was a total grump this weekend. Let me blame it on six straight days of rain, too long away from my sewing room and guilt. As you can see from my last post, I went on a bit of a fabric bender the last few weeks and months and had no sewing to show for it. My “studio” (aka the laundry room) was a disorganized mess, there were mounds of new fabric that defied categorization and dust had accumulated everywhere. Besides that, my car was in the shop, the bill was adding up and the loaner they gave me was the equivalent of a tin can with wheels. And its radio didn’t work.

I growled at the family that if I didn’t get some quality sewing time nobody was going to be happy. They concurred and left me alone. But…cleaning is boring and I was uninspired which only added to the guilt because I did have all that new fabric. I finally cleared most of the clutter (still have to buy more new bins–I need feedback about storage solutions) and was able to cut strips of my new Jo Morton fabrics from the Cinnamon and Spice line and a recent Jo Morton shirtings line whose name escapes me. More guilt because I thought I was being creatively lazy by leaving my color choices up to the fabric companies and looking at the assembled fabrics wasn’t really exciting me. So, I gave up and took my bad attitude and two Tylenol pm capsules to bed.

The next morning the sun was shining, I was well rested and I looked at my assembled fabric strips and I think I heard angels humming. Time to get busy and cut some triangles.

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  1. Those are gorgeous fabrics – they do look great together. I know what you mean bout being uninspired though. I am questioning my fabric choices on the quilt I am making now – too late to change!

  2. Nothing like some productive sewing to soothe and help with the feel good factor 🙂 Everybody benefits.
    Take Care and have fun. I just need to wish the hot weather away 2more days and then sanity returns. Last year 12 exam happening Thursday and its over for this year at least Phew and a big sigh of relief.

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