Take along applique kit

I love pretty storage. I guess that’s because I have a lot of stuff and if it isn’t stored well it is difficult to appreciate and enjoy that stuff. I found the perfect storage solution for my “sprigs” applique project at the Vera Bradley store. This is their Mini Hanging Organizer and it is just the right size to carry everything I need to take an applique block in progress with me everywhere. My silk thread, scissors, needle threader, a couple needles, my basting thread and some little applique pins are neatly stashed in the handy compartments. Then I can fold up the block in progress and put it on top and zip it closed.

It fits right into my purse and is ready for stitching no matter where I am. How do you like to organize your projects? I would love to see pictures.

I finished two more blocks while I was on the road the last couple of weeks. This red, yellow and green one is my favorite. That’s because I am partial to those wonderful mid-19th century applique quilts in the same colors.

I like the way this brown fabric worked as stems in these two blocks. It’s another Judie Rothermel fabric.

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  1. Love it! What a lovely little tote. I would have come in handy to have one myself. Will have a look in Houston 🙂 Love the applique blocks too.

  2. Such pretty blocks. I have baskets and little boxes and small bags galore to carry projects around in, but I'm usually rushing out the door at the last minute, so I end up using a plastic bag!!Your organiser is very attractive.

  3. what a cute little applique' kit. I love Vera Bradley things. I'll have to look for this. As if I need another kit, lol.
    Your blocks look great.

  4. What a lovely idea! I tried to see if I could order one, but they won't send to Holland :-((
    I have been looking for a good way to organize my applique things on the go!
    Your applique is wonderful, and I"m enjoying your progress!

  5. Thank you for sharing a fabulous idea! I am constantly trying to find the perfect "take-along" case for my small projects like hexagons and applique and can never find the perfect item. I am very taken with Tupperware and have used containers from them for this purpose for some time now… But I am definitely loving your new idea and I'm on my way over to Vera Bradley now! Also, LOVE your applique blocks! Great work!

  6. LOVE the Vera Bradley tote/organizer! Just what a quilt should be using, considering all that vera stuff uses such lovely fabrics in the making.

    I love my magic box for my ongoing, long-term applique project, but I do tend to collect different types of small project organizers. I think I use the magic box so much because someone special gave it to me with a gift inside. I guess I'm kind of like a little kid…was more interested in the box the gift came in than the gift! (Can't even remember what the gift was now, come to think of it…) I figure when it starts to really show wear and tear, I will recover it in heavy pretty paper, or better yet, FABRIC!

    I love your sprig block…really quite beautiful. I need to get to that project…but until then, I am enjoying watching others work on it.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  7. Both your new blocks are beautiful. I like the first one best too :0) I'm not a very organized person – so it's no surprise my applique stuff isn't either. I carry it all around in a worn looking bag I made several years ago.

  8. I store most of my stuff in tins – I love tins. Of course, they aren't as convenient to travel with, but I'm traveling with one right now for my Birdie BOM embroidery. Your applique is looking GREAT!

  9. My MIL gave both me and my SIL a group of see through makeup bags in all sizes. They were both shocked that I used mine for just the same purpose you did. Hey, at least I was using them instead of putting them under the bathroom sink FOREVER. I still use mine. I bet SIL doesn't even know where hers are!

    For bigger projects like blocks and leftover fabrics, I use the plastic scrapbooking boxes from Hobby Lobby. Good idea for a post one day!

  10. Several of us are starting the stars and springs after our quilt show next month…love how you are organizing your applique "stuff." Mine is all in a old cookie tin…not nearly as pretty as a VB bag!

  11. Love Vera Bradly, I carried a purse in that fabric most of the summer. I also love pretty little storage organizers to keep my applique project supplies together. Your stars and sprigs is looking great!
    Happy Stitching Taryn!

  12. I just use a boring ziploc pouch – your storage is much prettier. Unfortunately several hand piecing projects have got too big to carry around so my take along project is crochet for now!

    Your blocks are still lovely!

  13. Taryn you are so organised. Love your applique and those little organisers are simply gorgeous. I have not seen them before. I use the little bags some of the Estee Lauder gifts come in and also at the moment using the cylinders from Australia Post- recycled. They have a cap both ends and are perfect for holding my Maltaville blocks. Neither will fit in my handbag though. I need to google Vera Bradley 🙂

  14. I like playing around with little projects and I have lots of storage options, especially zipper bags. Thank you for sharing the hint about silk thread. It has made a big difference. I am enjoying your applique blocks, lovely colour choices.

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