Cheddar Madness Giveaway

As promised in my last post, it is time for my “Cheddar Madness” giveaway.  First, a little background… Many months ago I embarked on a search for a good solid cheddar fabric.  I found the Moda Bella cheddar was a good choice for a very bold but not too screeching orange-y yellow.  I bought a whole bolt at a very good price from Hancocks-Paducah and started making cheddar quilts.  I used it in was my double nine-patch blocks here.  Then, I got a call from one of my local shops telling me “the fabric I ordered” had come in.  Uhhh, that was nearly six months ago and you never actually told me you could get it.  But, I felt bad since they had really gone above and beyond in their search for the fabric.  I had to take it off their hands.  So, you can see in the photo above that I have a whole lot of solid cheddar fabric and you can help take it off my hands while sharing some little quilts with the rest of us and getting a chance to win the little quilt below.

I would like to have another online quilt show like the red and white one I did back in March 2011.  This time it is Little and/or Doll Quilts.  To enter, you need to do a post on your blog about a little quilt you’ve made or own and link it to the online display below.  Don’t have a blog?  Email me the photo and I will post it for you.  Then, leave me a quick comment and I will send you a half yard of solid cheddar fabric.  Make sure you aren’t a “no-reply” commenter so I can contact you for your mailing address.  I will enter everyone who posts a link into the giveaway for the little red and brown nine patch quilt above.  I have an extra 15 yards of cheddar so the first 30 unique linkers (is that a word?) will get a half yard of fabric.  You are welcome to link to more than one little quilt post (that will give you another entry into the little quilt giveaway) but I can only send you a single half yard cut — I want to spread the cheddar love around.

Submissions will close on November 19 and the quilt winner will be picked on the 20th..Adding your link is simple, just click on the link button below and follow the instructions.  On the part that asks for a name you can use just your first name or the name of your quilt if you want.  I will get us started with a link to one of my small quilts…

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  1. Beautiful little quilt show. Thanks for the giveaway, too late for the cheddar fabric 🙁 but I come back to link some of my minis…if overseas entries are accepted ! XXX

  2. Thanks Taryn for the lovely cheddar giveaway. Love the little quilt, it's so sweet. I've sent you an email with photos attached of two little quilts since I don't have a blog.

  3. Thanks so much for a chance to win some cheddar fabric. I don't have a blog so am sending a picture to your email. Loved reading backwards on your posts.

  4. oooohhhh yummy cheddar, sadly i was too late! however, i've added my small quilt linky today and i'm impressed with all the quilts on display. Your little giveaway quilt is adorable, so glad i found your blog :)))

  5. I just went through and photographed the rest of the other doll quilts I had. Did not realise that they had not had their moment of fame 🙂
    Love the parade

  6. I've been looking for the exact right fabric to use to sash a large sort-of African themed quilt. Cheddar might not sound like the right color but it is! I've auditioned gray and black and beigh and nothing brought out the colors and patterns of the fabrics. I am now sold on cheddar! I've also LOVED looking through the quilts on your blog.

  7. Thanks so much for this fun giveaway! I have been sitting here looking at all the wonderful 'little quilts'…lots of eye candy and also lots of fun ideas for future reference. Hugs…

  8. What a wonderful link up Taryn!! I'm enjoying the little quilts very much. 2 plus bolts – lol! That's a lot of cheddar :0)

  9. What a fun idea Taryn! Your first little quilt inspired me to start cutting tiny 1in x 7/8in scraps to make really small quilts. I just hate throwing any fabric away lol. Cheddar is such a great colour to use in quilts, it just makes them sing.

  10. i've come over from Cheryl's 'So Many Quilts, So Little Time' and am pleased to have discovered you as well as the little show. i'm sure i have a post that i can link into with a little quilt to show . . . and i can hardly wait to start checking out all of the entries.

    your little give-away quilt is sweet and clearly you are quite generous as the cheddar give-away is an awesome thing to do.
    i'll have to note down the color and line and see if i can find some for my own stash.
    THANK YOU for this great show and multi give-away post.


  11. Just curious why my links, #51-53, have red X's next to them. Did I submit them correctly? Perhaps they are awaiting preapproval.

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to share a few of my little quilts. I chose three with an Autumn theme. My entries are too late for the cheddar giveaway, but I'd prefer a chance to win your lovely little quilt anyway. What a great quilt show this will be!

  13. how fun!!
    I was able to get #50 – my Jubilee Number, lol
    thanks for the show, was sorry to miss the cheddar, but happy you have so many doll quilts on show!

  14. Hi Taryn Just so love your little quilt. It is just gorgeous.
    I have linked my 12 days of Christmas quilt posted in September. Updated it to tell people to come to your site.
    Love that Cheddar

  15. I love cheddar! I'm making Barbara Brackman's block of the week with cheddar fabric, and I would love to have some of your cheddar fabric! Thanks, and I love your little quilt.

  16. oh how i love cheddah. i buy it when i see it but so much of it these days is either school bus (too yellow) or papaya (too orangey)so my stash is very low. thanks for the chance to win and i do so love your little quilt

  17. Taryn, I have linked to you in my blog just now. This is a wonderful way to see inside the collections of various bloggers. Thanks for hosting, and thanks for the offer!

  18. That looks like a nice cheddar, I have a bolt of RJR Saffron, and also have yards and yards of cheddar from Marcus Brothers Centennial Solids. Have fun with your give away.

  19. This is a great giveaway and I love me some cheddar. I'm slowly trying to accumulate some here and there for a quilt that I have in my mind. I love checking out all the links of people that have posted.

  20. From the time I posted to the time I got back the number 27 turned to 31…Love the mini show. are you able to fix my picture? sorry for the extra work…
    Love that cheddar and mini too now to go visit all the lovely mini`s
    Thanks to Budsgram for posting your giveaway on her blog!

  21. That's a lot a chedda!! When working on my Jubilee I ordered small swatches an amazingly they were all very different! What a fun "little" show!!

  22. What a fun giveaway. Since I have no blog I have emailed you a photo of my small red and white quilt. Love mkinf these small quilts.

  23. What fun! Yes – cheddar is extremely difficult to locate and I live in Wisconsin:o) You would think that color would be everywhere…well we do have our Green Bay Packers in green and a version of cheddar…

    Will be visiting all those other fabulous little quilts!

  24. How absolutely wonderful!!! I'm doing a SAL in all solids and this will be a wonderful addition!! Such a grand gesture!!

    Your little nine patch is adorable!!! Stars are my favorite – but nine patches are a very, very close second!!


  25. I don't blame you for feeling a little obligated to take the extra fabric. I hope they gave you a good deal. Thanks for letting me be part of this fun give-away.

  26. Love your little quilt! Such a fun thing to have a chance to win. I am all about little quilts lately.
    And I am amazed at the generosity in sharing your bounty of cheddar. I can never find it in the shops near me. I'm excited to have some to play with. Thank you!

  27. Ooooh oh I would LOVE some Cheddar fabric. This little quilt is finished and it was so much fun to make that I'm thinking I will make another one SOON. 🙂
    Angie (ba***********@gm***.com)

  28. I LOVE cheddar! Even though I'm not really into quilting right now (as I said on my blog), I hope someday it will have meaning to me again.

  29. What a fun giveaway! I've only completed a couple little quilts in all of my quilting endeavors, but I'm starting to understand the charm of it! Great idea for the link up.:)

  30. Seeing everyone's doll quilts is so much fun! Thanks for letting us play. I don't complete many quilts, but I loooove looking at quilts and playing with reproduction fabrics.
    Bev Hardesty
    Somerset County PA

  31. Can't wait to see all these wonderful little quilts! You're so generous to share your cheddar with us all – thanks so much!

  32. Thanks, Taryn, for hosting this quilt show — it's so fun to see all the little quilts and discover new (to me) quilters.

    I would love to use your cheddar fabric in doll quilt.

  33. First, thanks for this give away, and ….I haven't got anything with that cheddar color!!, so it would be a nice opportunity to try something new.
    I would be more than happy to get you quilt!,
    ……or maybe you don't accept entries overseas….anyway you are welcome to visit my blog.

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