Oh good grief

What I remember about when I last sewed was how neatly I had straightened my sewing space.  It took me the better part of a day and a new plastic bin or two but I had things cleared up enough to get some serious machine sewing done.  That was over three months ago and all I’ve accomplished since then was two little star blocks – they didn’t even get pressed (see them on the sewing machine bed?).  Yet, somehow, even though I don’t remember being in my sewing room at all this mess appeared.  I don’t remember what I was working on and where things belong so how am I supposed to clean up this mess and get back to business?

This is my cutting table.  It’s bigger so a lot of stuff can be on it and still leave me room to play.  I did work on the only project I’ve been able to manage this whole year – stars.  Cut a few out today and packaged them up.  They are all ready to take with me this week.

I would like to get busy on one of these projects but until that first table gets cleared progress is impossible.  Plus, I can’t really decide if I want to get back to applique on Mary Mannakee, binding the small quilt under the star blocks, finishing up the red star idea I had over the July 4 holiday or doing more of the blocks from hst for my Edyta project.  So, when in doubt, stitch stars.  Oh, and I did press those two measly star blocks and put them away.

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  1. This is me! This is me! I'm so disappointed that my sewing room is in such a mess – I feel like I can't do anything until its cleaned up, but that needs a whole day….and I can't see when I'll have time for that! Round and round and round…..!!

  2. I must confess, I ran out of room in my sewing room and stopped in to work in yours. It must have been me, as those stacks of fabric look just like what I'm working on today. Or perhaps it's an epidemic. Now that fall weather is here, we all want to be sewing something new and wonderful.

  3. I believe that any clean, flat surface is just crying out to have things heaped upon it! At least that is how it works at my house. : )
    You have some wonderful projects from which to choose. I love your stars.

  4. Oh my – you have company over here in the northwoods…perhaps with the change in seasons and "slower pace" of fall :o/?? We can all get things more in order. Knew I was in deep trouble when the stacks of red fabrics tumbled to the floor on their own – but I did find a piece that I had been looking for…

  5. Neat?? Huh??? My room never really is neatened–stuff all over!! I don't have much storage–but when I store things away too much–I forGET about them!! And….can't find them again despite labels–which don't always tell me what's really in there too!! Neatness doesn't really count as long as you can enjoy your work (at least that's my way of thinking!!) Hugs, Julierose

  6. I admire those who keep their sewing space neat and tidy…. I just cannot do that. Love all your projects, would not know where to start myself…. enjoy!

  7. Your sewing room looks like mine, it's normal for me these days. I do love your stars and I hope you get back to MM one of these days as I hope to get back to mine.

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