I did not see this one coming

Last week I was pouting in my sewing room because my break from work was almost over and I had not done a lick of sewing. My mood was dark. I blamed the holidays. I blamed the family. I blamed work because I only had two weeks off instead of three. Reason counted for nothing.

While morosely staring around, my gaze lit upon one of my little packages from Temecula. The kit was made up of Jo Morton’s Spice Chest fabrics and they are spicy. They almost smell like cinnamon. Well, they got my attention. I thought I’d just press a couple and cut a few pieces to see how they look together. Just a little taste, nothing more. Next thing I knew, I was 1/3 of the way through the top so how could I stop? I didn’t want another UFO cluttering up the sewing space so I kept going. Now it is finis but I have ANOTHER little quilt top that needs quilting. At least the funk has lifted and I am ready to tackle one of the regularly scheduled projects.

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  1. What a nice quilt! A bit of cutting and sewing is always good therapy?
    I have some of these fabrics on order. It's a treat to see how nice they look in a quilt. 🙂

  2. My, Taryn!! It is gorgeous – the scent of cinnamon very obvious:) That feeling – when things just roll on is one of the best. Take care:)

  3. Nicely done! I love this monthly mini a lot!! And you know what? Now I just received the next one after this one yesterday. More fun follows…

  4. Beautiful! I love this! I love when I don't feel like doing any sewing and end up with so much done. It's all the planning that wears me down sometimes and just the simple act of getting started with no big intentions that I am the most productive. Happy stitching!

  5. That is gorgeous I love the fabrics too, must try and find some.
    I too have not done any sewing and feel grumpy about it as I had time off too.
    Glad you found some sewing spirit.


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