Little repro and more of the stars

A finish!  When I was last at Temecula Quilt Company I saw a little quilt made mostly from Andover Fabrics’ IQSC Square in Square line of fabrics.  It is a reproduction of a little quilt that can be found in Sandy Fox’s Small Endearments book.  It was the perfect size for a (relatively) quick project and, lately, I cannot get enough of poison greens, chrome yellows and Turkey reds.  So, this is my version – very much like Sheryl’s – and I love it.  You can’t really see the quilting on the front but it is hand quilted in a small Baptist Fan by Bellwether Dry Goods.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the back so you can see the great quilting on it.  I always make sure to use a plain muslin backing fabric when hand quilting so the work doesn’t disappear completely.
I stumbled upon Karen Styles’ blog recently and boy am I glad I did!  She is the owner of Somerset Patchwork and Quilting (it’s in Australia) and she had a group of ladies who made one Lemoyne star a day for the last year.  The big unveiling was on January 4 and the resulting quilt tops are stunning!  I’ve wanted to start another star quilt where I use the same background fabric for the stars as well as the setting squares.  BUT, I am very far into my original idea with the varied backgrounds and the brown setting squares.  After drooling over Karen’s pictures for days, I realized that it’s the scrappy stars that “star” in these quilts so I am happy with what I started and happily back to work on it.
When I started my own project (back in July 2010) my goal was a star a day.  Well, you know where that road of good intentions leads…  I do have a decent stack of stars ready for some assembly so this weekend I hand pieced some of stars into nine patch blocks.  Sewing such long seams by hand took a little getting used to but I think I’ve got it now.  These few blocks I am finishing put a dent in my stack of stars so I am also piecing more stars; I’ve actually completed a star a day for the last few days but that won’t last.  Enough about stars for today.

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  1. A star a day is a big commitment. I like the collection you have started!
    Your newest little quilt is so sweet- the colors instantly age it!!

  2. Thanks for the link to the blog. I have never visited it before. I found the star a day idea very interesting. Would love to have a quilt like that. Finding time to do one a day with all the applique I do might be a stretch.

  3. Your little quilt is too cute for words. Those colours keep calling me as well. Karen does have a great blog and I'm very tempted to start the delectable mountains this year. I love the stars its a great opportunity for fussy cutting fun fun.

  4. I'm in this great group of sewers and the stars are wonderful. This years block a day is Delectable Mountain. I have not sewn either but it's lovely to watch their collection of blocks grow.

  5. What a sweet little quilt. I like the way the center block chains out to the others. I may have to flatter (copy) this quilt. : )
    Your star quilt is going to be a stunner. That is quite an undertaking to do it all by hand. Slow and steady… : )

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