Kindness of Quilters

I’ve been under the weather most of November. I won’t bore you with details or my downer attitude but, for a bit, I’d even lost my quilter mojo. At one point, I toyed with the thought of downsizing the stash. See? It was serious. Then, this past weekend I was having a bowl of soup and pondering life when I started studying the beautiful little quilt pictured above. It is a RAK I received in October from Kathie. Anyway, I was looking at the fabrics and thinking how much I like them and admiring the quilting pattern and the blocks and, presto!, it all came back. So, thanks Kathie, your gift is a miracle worker.

I knew there was a problem when I had to force myself to make one measly little nine-patch block and it took over an hour! Sorry for the blurry picture.

Usually, I break the quilting funk by starting a new project. This time, though, inspiration eluded me. Then I saw Lori’s nearly finished Dear Jane quilt and decided that each of those blocks is like a little project in itself. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve commented on saying, “I need to get my Dear Jane project out again.” I started mine around 2002 and don’t have very many blocks done. At last, I tracked everything down, took a day to remember how to sew, and started K-12 with fabric from my scrap box. $%#&! I ran out of fabric two pieces from completion! Was something conspiring to keep me from quilting?

After a good night’s sleep and another peek at my little red and brown quilt I re-started and finished K-12 AND F-7. I decided to go with the brighter blocks for now. Don’t want to take any chances with dark colors.

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  1. Hello Taryn,

    Love your little blocks….sewing small projects can be great picker-uppers and a feeling of accomplishment…also encouragement and inspiration from your followers is the best! Hope you are feeling lot's better!

    🙂 Carolyn

  2. Hello! I think you put away your DJ because you wanted to wait until there were many many fabulous reproduction fabrics to use! Keep going you will never regret it!

  3. Yep, sometimes there's a season to feel yucky, mucky and stuck. Give yourself some grace, and time to let you body revive itself. In the meantime, there's just nothing like petting fabrics. Feel better soon!

  4. Sorry to hear that you have been out of sorts. I admire that you got back out the DJ blocks and made a couple. Even with the set back you had. Making a few of those blocks every now and then puts you closer to the completed quilt.

  5. Awe…Sorry to hear you have been down.
    I am with you on taking ill in Sept & now I am on my way back if you will (at least I know the problem).
    I will pray you continue to feel better & yes, sewing is a wonderful therapy! 🙂
    You know, maybe just once in a while a 'down-time' is what we need to think & reflect! Glad your back to the (get'n back) to it!
    Prayers & blessings~

    P.S. My sis loves your blog!
    So may you know that you are a blessing to others!

  6. Love your sweet little DJ blocks. Glad that you have been enthused and inspired to enjoy making your gorgeous quilts again.
    Love Kathie's gorgeous little quilt. She is a treasure
    Sending lots of positive energy your way. Take Care

  7. I hoping you feel better soon! I love the DJ blocks you've made. They are so pretty. You make such wonderful quilts. I know because I have one on my coffee table 🙂 Just like the quilt on your wall, looking at it makes me happy. Good thoughts headed your way 🙂

  8. I really love your blocks and dig how you pulled yourself out from under the dark cloud. It's one step at a time, eh? Glad you were wise and didn't make any decisions while you were THERE because now you're HERE and you might have missed all that good stuff.

  9. Whew that was a close call, glad you didn't do anything drastic. I've had a November the same and then I got an RAK from Kathie, her kindness has great power. So far, all I've done is read the Dear Jane book, I could have been tempted, your blocks are so cute.

  10. Great you have your mojo back. Can you send it over to this side of the pond. I am completely unmotivated right now.
    I love the quilt Kathie sent you, inspired by seeing hers. I have the same one on my work table but I am making my blocks 5 in.

  11. Kathie's little quilt is a charmer–I can see how it would restore your mojo.
    Your DJ blocks are beautiful I have had the book for years–and still haven't made a single block. You are doing great in my book!

  12. Sorry you've been down:( Your DJ blocks may be just thing to perk you up. 🙂 They sure are cute! I remember how much fun I had making mine.

  13. I'm so glad to see you working through everything with some sewing! Fabric therapy is certainly the remedy for many not-so-pleasant things in my life. Your resulting blocks look great! I'm so glad that Kathie sent you such an inspiring little quilt to get the quilt juices flowing! Hang in there!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  14. I think all of us get in the quilt funk every now and then. I know I sure do. What a sweet gift Kathie sent to you and I am sure it boosted your spirits.

    I am sorry you have not been feeling well for this past month. I do hope you are on your way to feeling better again and that your quilting mojo comes back to full swing.

    Your DJ blocks are so lovely. Don't feel badly about how far you've come. I haven't even started mine yet 😀 and it's something I really want to at least start in the new year…even if it takes the rest of my life to sew.

    I pray for sunshine in your soul as we begin a new month and that you will feel better all the way around 🙂


  15. Glad the little quilt did its job, just make you smile!
    So happy to hear that your sewing again! Great DJ blocks, I bet your hoping for a few snow days so now you can sew the whole day!

  16. So glad you have started to sew again and what better little projects than DJ's gorgeous little blocks to get you back on track!!
    Isn't it great how quilters help each other out even when they are not in the room with you, one look at their work can spurr you on and back to the sewing machine!!!
    Sadly my DJ project stands at one block, pathetic really LOL!!!

  17. I can't speak for all of us quilter's but I know I for one can go through a serious quilt funk and want to ditch it all. Seriously…I walk into the closet of "stash" and think "what on earth was I thinking?" Thankfully I snap out of it before making drastic choices to sell it off or give it away.
    Your mini from Kathie is absolutely delightful…I'm sure makes you smile each time you look at it.

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