Oh no she didn’t!

Yup, I did. Just a quick post to say I’ve been sucked into the gorgeous bright designs by Kim McLean and here is my first block for the Flower Garden quilt. I had to go with the brights as a way to put some cheer into what had become an interminable winter but now that we are tasting spring they cheer me up even more. The notebook is there because I’ve decided to do a better job of documenting my big projects. I thought I’d keep a record of what is going on (both personally and the world as a whole) as I worked on the applique. Block 1 has seen a lot–I started it last week and since then there was the horrible earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in Japan along with the developments in Libya. I hope block 2 has a happier tale to tell.

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  1. I love your block and colors, Taryn!! Is that Kaffe fabric? The top one alone is drop-dead gorgeous, and the others, beautifully complementary and stunning! Can't wait to see how this one turns out. And the "life as we know it" journal along with the blocks — very, very cool!
    Mary Lou

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