Nothing Fancy

This is my favorite summer quilt. Hands down. It is vintage but in good enough shape to use.

The Dresden Plate blocks are all hand pieced and the quilt is very nicely hand quilted.

This quilt is soft and the batting is thin. The blue centers and occasional red and white petals remind me a bit of the 4th of July.

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  1. It's a beauty! These kinds of quilts are what inspired me to start quilting so many years ago. A real treasure for sure!!

  2. oh Taryn love this quilt, it looks so soft and comfy!
    what is it about 30's fabrics? just says lazy summer days and spring time to me!!!

  3. Wow , what a beautiful quilt !! I just love antique quilts and I really wish that I had room to have a bigger collection of them.

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