Quilt Study and Houston bound

I heard an interesting story when I showed this quilt at the most recent meeting of the Virginia Quilt Dating Club and someone spotted the lone gold square. See photo below.

She related a theory that women, who could not vote at the time, included a single gold square in their 1880’s/1890’s quilt as a political statement about dropping the Gold Standard as the U.S. monetary system. I am wondering if any of you who research quilt history can shed any more light (and quilt examples) for me?

Also, I am headed to the Houston quilt show (yes, I am so excited!!) on Thursday and Friday and would love to meet as many blog friends as I can. Let me know if you will be there.

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  1. Hi Taryn,
    Sorry we had to leave Thursday morning to begin the drive home to Nebraska, would have been great to see you again!
    Hope you enjoy the Show and find something interesting to add to your collection.
    I think we wil meet up again next Spring in 'your' neighborhood. 🙂

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in houston
    still no power hopefully today in a hotel I can't send emails but I am getting them
    looking forward to that green
    lookd forward to hearing about Houston! keep me posted and let me know what you find tht is exciting and any books I need too!!!

  3. I heard a different story for a gold square, but have heard the one you did recently. I'm curious to see what others have to say. Have a great time at Houston, Taryn!

  4. Cindy Brick's book "Quilts of the Golden West" deals with the women 'voting with their needles' and including a square of gold, yellow or chrome orange to show support for the gold standard.

    The idea seems to be fairly accepted among noted quilt scholars.

    Sandra Starley
    AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser

  5. Maybe someday I will get to Houston, although not this year. Have fun and take pictures. I can offer no help on the gold square question, but look forward to hearing more about it, if you get any answers.

  6. Have a great time in Houston!! wish I were going too.
    Love this nine patch! It has 3 of my favorite things, pink, poison green and scrappy nine patches – a winning combination!!

  7. Taryn, I'm going to the festival. Will be there from the 2nd till the 6th of November. Would love to meet you & admire your quilts. Bringen them along?

  8. Taryn,
    I will be in Houston. Will be at the show all day Thur and some Friday morning. Would love to meet and say hi. I also heard Terry Thompson talk about the gold in a quilt being a symbol for what you mentioned.

  9. Very kewl story Taryn. Very nice antique quilt as well, would love to know more about it. Have a great time in Houston. Next year for me, this year is my guilds show held every other year which works nice to alternate with Houston. Have fun! Jo

  10. Bummer, I will miss you by a day. I am going on Wednesday. Taking a couple classes during the day and then going to try and fly thru the show and vendors on preview night. Have fun!

  11. Love this quilt! pink and green lately is just intriguing me!
    Wish I could say I will meet you in HOuston!
    can't wait to hear a detailed report on the quilts and the shopping!!!

  12. I wish I could recall the details but I had taken a fabric class from Terry Thompson and she had spoke of something very simular. I bet if you were to contact her, she could maybe fill in the gaps. I just love hearing stories like yours. Have a great time in Houston.

  13. Wonderful colours in that old quilt, love the mix of pink/green around the little 9-patches. Great story too about the gold patch! Have a great time at the Houston Show, I hope you will take lots of pics to share!!!!

  14. Interesting story, it will be interesting if anyone else can add more.
    Such old rich stories, foreign here in New Zealand as we are a young country.

  15. Alas, I'm not going to Houston, but you've got a lovely old quilt there. I've just finished posting about grandmothers and some of the history around the family quilts. Your red & white basket quilt is lovely too. How do people give these things up? beats me.
    best from Tunisia,

  16. I love this top–that is such an interesting story. If you get any more info on it I hope you will share it.
    I would love to be in Houston. I would go hear Lynn Roddy Brown give her presentation–among other things. Have a great time and take lots of photos, please!

  17. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on your post and recognized my favorite quilt shown at that meeting! It was my first time attending and I can't wait for the next one. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of antique quilts to share but will bring one next time.
    Have fun in Houston!

  18. I'll be busy working one of the booths. I'm not sure how much time that'll leave me for wandering and shopping so do some for me too. I hope you have a great time at Festival!

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