WOW – WIPs on Wednesday – A Day Late

Do you ever find yourself needing to quilt?  I mean NEEDING to do it.  Like if you don’t somebody might die?  That’s where I am this week.  Everyone wants a piece of me, at home and at work.  I usually relax by stitching for at least 15 minutes on an ongoing hand piecing project every evening.  But, this week I have to get up extra early and I’m exercising, which is not something I do.  Should, but don’t.  And, it isn’t because I want to exercise.  We are doing some car juggling and I’m getting to work via train and then joined a bikeshare program to peddle my way the last two miles of my journey.  I start sweating all over just typing this.  So, it should be obvious that when I hit the bed I am asleep, not sewing.
To relieve some stress I headed to quilt blogs today and saw Esther Aliu’s post from yesterday.  She has invited us to share our Works in Progress (WIP) on Wednesdays.  Hence, the WOW.  She is making her daughter’s wedding dress – big WOW!  I just need to talk about quilts so I am recycling some photos some of you might have already seen because I’ve shared them on social media.  Social media has cut down on a lot of blog posting because it’s just so darn easy to share the pictures we love.  However, I miss the opportunity to just talk quilts.  So, here goes…
The picture above is the back of my ongoing hand piecing project.  I’m pretty proud of how neat it looks.  Below is a photo from a blissful Sunday morning.  My week started well but the wheels dropped off on Monday.
I’ve also indulged my love of pomegranate quilts recently.  The one below was really interesting to me because it is mostly pieced!  Only the stems and the center motifs are appliqued.  As I said, I’ve shared this photo before and more than a few people just wonder “why?”
You might be able to see the seams by the leaves if you enlarge this photo below.
I love this next one.  The quilting is incredible and the dots add that touch of whimsy that just makes me smile when I see it.
Well…I feel better.  Thanks for indulging me for a few minutes.  I am heading into my afternoon with a much better attitude.
P.S.  I have my hand stitching in my desk drawer.  I might just have to sneak a stitch or two.

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  1. Maybe you'll start liking the exercise and bike ride! LOL Love the pieced pom- amazing!!
    Quilting, piecing, sewing is mental therapy, that's for sure!

  2. Yes I NEED to quilt too – I can have trouble sleeping if I don't get a few stitches in in the evening. A lovely post – your antique quilts are fabulous and leave me feeling inspired :0)

  3. Oh yes, I feel your pain! I think many of us have had that same thought – If I don't get to my needle soon someone will pay! I thank you for sharing your photos and your thoughts and may you find time for lots of quilting soon!

  4. You have every right to be proud because the back of that quilt is just perfect! I love to see pictures of people's work but reading how they did it, what they liked, what they are proud of or the challenge they had to overcome is always so interesting. So please, keep posting. ;^)

  5. I love pomegranate quilts, thanks for these pics. I always have a small handstitch project on hand too, it is just so nice not to have to think of design or anything but just to stitch.

  6. You can show me as many Pomegranate quilts as you like as I don't think there is anything better. I just love them. I haven't sewn a stitch for 3 weeks as I've had the flu and I still can't really get into it as I've been left with a sinus I wouldn't give to my worse enemy. Glad to hear you've cheered yourself up.

  7. Anytime I quilt lately it is because I really need to. Life is too busy to do it just because I can. Sounds like you understand.
    Blogging is my only social media vice, so I haven't seen the photos before. I really enjoyed them. I am impressed with the neatness of the back of your hand stitching project.
    I especially love the pomegranate with the dots. Really fun!
    I am glad you indulged your need to talk quilts. It was good to hear from you!

  8. I glad you took the time to share some quilt oriented thoughts. I miss the blog interaction sometimes. I love pictures but I want to hear more of the background causing the picture to be shared. Your handwork is so exacting and lovely.

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