Sewing kit giveaway WINNER and new (old) quilt

Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments on my Lemoyne Star post. I wish I could send all of you the little sewing kit but I only have one (for now!) and I did the random number generator thingy and it came up with number 16, which is the comment from Gayle from The Middle Sister blog. Congratulations Gayle and send me an email with your address.

I had so much fun that I ordered more boxes from Tupperware and when I get more needle keepers I am going to do this one again.

Today I want to share a log cabin quilt that I just got. It is actually polluting the air in my office and I cannot wait to get it home and send it for a swim in some Oxy Clean. Whew! Someone was a smoker. Despite the malodorous aspects, the shirting fabrics are wonderful and the reason I could not resist this quilt.

I am also impressed by the neat, even hand stitches that the quilter used in her foundation piecing method for this quilt. She hand stitched the logs to the foundation and then machine pieced the blocks together, BUT, then hand whip stitched the seams closed on the back with a tiny french seam. It’s hard to describe and also hard to photograph the muslin backing but I gave it a try above.

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  1. What a wonderful log cabin and what a clever sewer she was! I love how she finished it on the back so that she didn't need to add a backing fabric. Ingenious.

    I just love how much there is to learn from old quilts.

  2. Gorgeous new addition! If the oxy doesn't work, you can try laying it out in the sun fresh from the washer… But, it has to be blazing hot (so good luck with that!). I'll be watching for another of your little sandwich keeper giveaways! I STILL think it's the most fab needle box idea yet! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I doesn't look like that quilt even has batting in it? For summertime maybe.

    I'm so tickled to have won your giveaway – can't wait to get my goodies! THANKS!

  4. Truely scrummy – its got everything good going on in those little logs – indigo blues, turkey reds, some very nice pinks and of course some ab fab conversationals! Just love the horse-shoes, riding crop and stirrup print. A good bath will make her look (and smell) like a new woman!

  5. Beautiful new-old quilt! So Oxy-Clean helps with smoke…that's good to know…I once turned down some really nice blocks that smelled like they were dipped in bong water…

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. wow the quilt is just beautiful
    I LOVE log cabin quilts. this is a beauty.
    Isn't it amazing to be able to see her work like that.
    lucky you!
    I love studying quilts like that.

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