Red, Light and Boo Hoo Hoo

On Memorial Day weekend (ceremonial official start of summer in U.S.) I decided I wanted to make a new red, white and blue quilt for summer. On the July 4 weekend (ceremonial peak of summer in U.S.) I decided to name it “Red Light and Blue.” Now, it is the Labor Day weekend (ceremonial close of summer in U.S.) and I am looking at my pile of fabrics wondering “Where did summer go?”

We had a brutal winter and I was looking forward to reveling in warm weather. But, that warm weather turned to HOT weather and my motivation was shut out when I turned on the air conditioning and shut out summer. Mother Nature is smiling on us this weekend (thanks M.N., better late than never) and as my windows opened, so did my mind. At least I did some hand piecing so I have a little something to show for my summer.

I’ll have to thank my lucky stars! Terrible pun. I couldnt’ help myself. 29 down, 270 to go. Yikes, that’s intimidating.

Anyway, this weekend I figured if I couldn’t embrace summer anymore, I could at least still eat it. No pictures, but I had a delicious breakfast of summer zucchini, chives and onions scrambled with eggs and topped with a chopped tomato. Yum! Now, to those fabrics…

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  1. Fabulous! Fabulous! All of it, just fabulous! I hope to be even just a thimble-full of ambitious as you and make at least one la moyne star. Great job! And that lovely quilt, oh I feel a bit of coveting coming on!

  2. While your summer went to quick, our winter went too long! We are finally starting to get some warmer weather. Creativity can't be rushed. l am sure that when that quilt gets made it will be stunning. l am currently working on a red white and blue quilt myself, and look forward to seeing yours in progress. Your stars are looking wonderful, particularly the red green and yellow one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your stars are looking great. Keep plugging away. One a day. Or maybe prep 7 once a week and just complete them during the week. Lots of work but it will be stunning!!

  4. oh I love red/white /blue quilts
    this is going to be wonderful, love those fabrics…
    stars look amazing, keep going!
    we love long term projects don't we????

  5. One of my recent quilts is a Lemoyne Star and it's one of my favorites. I think yours is going to be a favorite of mine too, Taryn.

    As for red, light and blue, well there's always next year. So let's put them aside and eat! We wouldn't want them to get soiled now, would we? Your brekkie sounds delicious!

  6. Love your LeMoyne stars. I agree about how fast summer went. I've been pretneding it is still here, but am planning on taking down my summer decor and getting ready for fall.
    There's always next summer for Red, Light and Blue- what a pretty stack of fabric!

  7. Glad to hear the weather is improving hihi!! Love your stars and it is intimidating pfff! Just do them 10 at a time, one day you'll reach the 299!! Go for it!! Have a happy sewing day, Daniëlle

  8. So Love your stars and all that red white and blue 🙂 Of course we are heading into summer. Wouldn't it be nice if it was a mild one. I know I am wishful thinking but you just never know.

  9. I'm sorry you didn't get to making your Red light and blue quilt this summer – the stack of fabrics looks simply wonderful!! I really love your little stars – you inspired me to try making some handpieced little stars. I don't think I'd ever get 29 made let alone 299! You go girl!

  10. Yes, summer was just a short tease this year. My husband complains this climate of ours just allows for three months of the year free from woolen undies… Your blocks are simply magnificent. I wonder how big they are. Keep at it. I'd love to see the other 20:) Take care.

  11. A delightful post and one most of us can well understand. I have several patriotic style patterns waiting to be made up. Good intentions. But here I sit with them still waiting to be made up.

  12. Your blocks are lovely! And I'm happy to see it, because when I read the title of the post, I was afraid I was going to see some photos of red fabric bleeding onto some light fabric in a quilt!

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