Oh, nuts.

It has been a goal/dream/fantasy of mine to create a wall of little quilts (several blogs have featured photos of these but I can’t find them right now-sorry!). So I’ve worked my way to that goal by making quite a few little quilts. The problem is, most have been scrappy with dark colors being dominant and, while pleasing to me individually, all kind of “read” the same on the wall. In other words, they look boring. I am getting impatient and just want to get something I finished displayed on the wall. So, I followed the suggestion Lori Smith gives in her patterns and bought an inexpensive, ready-made frame from a craft store. I made this little quilt, took the time to hand quilt it, and was excited to pop it in the frame and call it “art.”

But it didn’t fit.

It didn’t dawn on me to check the size of the little quilt pattern I chose and compare it to the size of the frame I have. The former is 11″x14″ and the latter is 10″x13″.

So now it is living on the edge…of this basket. I think I’ll roll up the other “wall of quilts” wannabes and stick them into the basket, too.

And, since I did take so much time to hand quilt the thing, I have to show off the back so you can see I really, really made an effort on this one. By the way, this quilt is from one of Lori Smith’s “fit to frame” patterns. I recommend trying them, but make sure to compare sizes so when you’re finished it will actually fit the frame.

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  1. Love your little quilt, and while you may not be able to frame it, it does look rather gorgeous in that basket. Thanks for sharing the picture and the inspiration!!

  2. I love your quilt, and your fabric choices! I would hand it on the wall, anyway, without the frame. It's too lovely to be rolled up somewhere.

  3. I love the darker colors in repros as well. And, dark or not, I think it will look great on the wall. Yes, from across a room it will likely "read" as all dark, but if you place it (and the rest) where they can only be viewed up close, that will work. A hallway, for example? The wall you see when leaving the bathroom? Those get lots of traffic, and up close viewing. No frame necessary… with quilts this small, a couple pins hammered into the wall will work and let them frame themselves. Your needlework (play?) is lovely, and should be viewed from up close!

    ~ Ronda

  4. I love your little quilt and the quilting is awesome!!I have several litle quilts but they don't look that good all together.
    What a bummer about the frame fiasco. I think your quilts would look great in the basket…for now.

  5. oh your little quilt is beautiful and I love the way it looks draped over the basket…ah guess next time make the quilt then shop for the frame! LOL or take that 60 percent off coupon and go to Michaels and get it custom framed! Ah yes my wall of little quilts need to get back to that!
    you need some of that acid green in there! those bright repros I tend to reach for the dark ones too 🙂 have a great weekend.
    I have to see if I have this pattern it would be a good one to whip up this weekend I love Lori Smith patterns

  6. I really like the look of your little quilt. The colours are lovely. Are you sure it looks boring on the wall? Maybe a photo on your next post could surprise you. I, for one, would love to see your wall of little quilts. How are the stars going?

  7. Oh Taryn I could not help but laugh re the saga of the frame, sorry. I love you little quilt. Maybe if you had a different border – Turkey red or one of the Beacon Hill Blues, something that adds impact to the blocks. That Brown is a bit of a heavy frame. Looks great with your basket though.I love Lori's patterns too. One of my UFO's is the Chocolate quilt. Have made all of the blocks. It is the applique border that is holding up the works.
    I need to get back to that :-)Now you need to make another quilt to go with that quilt so that there are 2 quilts in the basket 🙂
    Have Fun

  8. Your quilt is beautiful! I tend to like things quite dark myself. Perhaps a shot of cheddar or poison green in a little quilt would help? I learned this from Vicki, my fellow blogger. It really punches things up. The puss in the corner looks splendid in the basket though, too! Lori Smith's patterns are great, aren't they?

  9. Lovely, lovely, lovely!! I bought one of her "fit the frame" patterns with multiple quilts, and each one is a different size, for different sized frames.

    Must have been frustrating, but the basket looks cute and will look even cuter with multiple little rolled up bits of Heaven.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  10. That must have been frusterating when you got to the framing part! I think it looks like art in the basket! Your quilting on it is lovely! Be sure to show us a picture when you get the other quilts rolled up and in there.

  11. Your little quilt is precious and the hand quilting gives it a warm, cozy finish. I am about to frame my first little quilt, but the frame was made specifically for the quilt. I'll post a picture on my blog when I finish it. I like your quilt snuggled in a basket and it will love some companions. I know a cat or two who would curl up in there with it.

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