Cheddar Cheese & Crackers top done and a giveaway

My Cheddar Cheese and Crackers doll quilt top is done! This was fun and easy (especially since I went with the same colors as Lori used) and entirely from my stash. It took me longer to figure out how to get a picture of it that wasn’t blurry than it did to make it. I don’t know what’s wrong with my camera but every shot I take looks like there is a grey film in front of everything. I cleaned this up a bit using “enhance” in my Kodak software. Don’t I wish that was an option on my bathroom mirror in the morning.

Now to my giveaway. I knew I wanted all the prints in this quilt to be different so I used 5 different pinks, 7 different blues and 24 different browns. Whenever I cut so many different fabrics I always cut enough for two quilts. So, I am giving away my extra set of strips, plus enough cheddar and shirting for the rest of the quilt top. Just leave me a comment by next Saturday (13 February) and I’ll pick the winner (randomly) on Valentine’s Day. I am happy to ship worldwide.

If you want to throw in a comment about how to get beautiful, clear, digital pictures and what kind of camera you use I would appreciate it. Mine is a Kodak EasyShare M380 (second one since the first broke in my tote bag). Is it worth spending the big bucks for a very nice digital camera? How often should I replace the memory cards if I keep taking pictures and then deleting them?

Thank you Lori for such a fun project to kick off the new year. Time to get back to sewing. We have nearly three feet of snow on the ground and I am having a blast finishing little quilts and starting new ones…all from my stash (and hopefully will get my little Cheddar Cheese and Crackers basted)!

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  1. Oh my, such wonderful fabrics and already pre-cut!?! I definitely want a chance to win. Big money on a camera? Not me. I am cheap with a capital C. I use a Samsung L830 that I bought – my third since I accidentally dumped turkey broth on it one Thanksgiving, then lost its replacement at a Christmas Concert at school. Serves me fine, and I like it because it is RED.

  2. Your quilt turned out so nice. I have a cannon and for the most part I leave it on auto, a photo editing program helps me. I can loose red eye, crop etc. Thanks for including me.

  3. Wonderful little quilt, Taryn! I never seem to win the give aways, so I rarely comment on such occasions. But please throw me in the hat for this one:) Our (i.e my, lol) camera is a Panasonic Lumix with a good zoom. Taking pictures is no good without good lighting. I try to take pics in daylight only. Quiltotaku had a nice turorial last spring, and this week Sometimescrafter is having a serial tutorial of photo tips. hugs:D

  4. Hi Taryn,
    thanks for coming by my blog. I just love the quilt in your header. I love pink and brown together.
    Instead of buying a new camera maybe you could try a tripod and see if that helps.

  5. I love your quilt and feel like you are a kindred spirit–cheddar is one of my favorite fabric colors and I often cut for two quilts with the thought that I will make two at a time (sometimes happens) or that I will share a "kit" with a like minded quilting friend (usually happens) As for camera advice, I use a Canon point and shoot, find natural light works best and agree with the comment on standing further back and zooming. I am always longing for a newer, better camera, but this one does a nice job for most of what I do.

  6. Love your little cheddar! My camera is a simple point & shoot. I think natural light is the key, which I haven't seen much of lately. No snow here, just gloomy days.
    You don't need to put me in the hat for your drawing but I wanted to leave a comment anyway.
    Love the quilt in your header!!

  7. I love this cheddar cheese and crackers challenge. I'd love to be considered in your give-away so that I can get involved as well!

    I'm not the greatest photographer…thank God things have gone digital…I can shoot LOTS and delete MOST to try and get a good shot.

    I had a very early Nikon digital camera, then I got a new SONY 'Cyber-shot" as a gift. It takes great pictures. I think the colors are more true and I agree with an earlier comment about better pictures with ambient light. I live in Michigan, and our winter days are pretty gray, so not much natural light for pictures.

    One thing that has helped my picture taking, especially when I am shooting things that are on my design wall, is a cheap, clamp-on aluminum "trouble light." I just clamp it from the ceiling (I sew in the basement "quilt cave" and the joists are exposed) and point it toward the wall.

    Probably the most important ingredient in taking good pictures is patience…kind of hard for me. I'd rather be sewing than fussing around with taking pictures. My blog pictures are kind of basic…there are blogs I follow with very beautiful and carefully composed pictures…bless them!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  8. Love how your little quilt turned out. It was such fun to make and see how everyone else's turned out. I'm really hooked on cheddar now. I have an inexpensive little Sony Cybershot. It takes decent pictures when there is plenty of light but doesn't do so good inside. Or it may just be me. I don't think the chip wears out. I did get an extra battery so I always have one with a full charge. It never fails that when I want to take a photo of the perfect moment, my battery is dead!

  9. Taryn Just love your quilt. Those little flashes of blue are perfect 🙂
    We have a Panasonic TZ6 Lumix and delete the photos as we go.Have not ahd any battery problems so far. Guess I am a point and shoot person and the Camera behaves for me 🙂

  10. Your quilt is beautiful ! Like many of us I copied Lori's colours but I loved all the versions I have seen.I find your blog with this event and loved it. Thanks for the inspiration & the giveaway. Fingers crossed !
    Hugs from France

  11. I love the fabrics in you're little quilt and would love to try one myself so count me in. I have a Nikon coolpix 5600 and have never had any trouble with it and never replaced the memory card. I make sure to keep extra batteries with me, seems they always run out when I need the camera. Thanks for sharing and the giveaway!

  12. Your quilt is fabulous. I too wish I could help with the camera question,but I am photo challenged gal myself. Thanks for the great give away,Sharon.

  13. I have really been wanting to make this quilt! I just love it. I also have a Canon Powershot and just love it. I have used my card over and over and over. I think getting really good light helps a lot. Sometimes I use my ott light and point it right at my quilts to get good clear photos. The Powershot cameras are not really expensive. I have had mine for 4 years and use it daily.

  14. Beautiful CC&C quilt! I use my son's Cannon Powershot SD 500 Digital camera and barely know how to take the photo. I'm just happy if its not blurry. There wasn't enough light on my CC&C photo so it looks a little dull.

    Here I am participating in the strip challenge in hopes of using up some of my fabric but enter me in your drawing because I can always use fresh fabric!

  15. I love all the Cheddar cheese and crackers quilts I have seen so far.As I only started blogging and following Lori blog recently I missed out on the fun. I suppose its never to late. I have just bought a Canon Ixus 951S as my other Canon Ixus 500 gave up the ghost and wouldn't focus anymore. So far very pleased with the new one. Would love to go into your giveaway

  16. Love your quilt, I still haven't made it yet so winning this kit would be wonderful!!!
    I have a canon powershot a570IS I would love to upgrade it as mine only has 7.1 megapixels (thats the key you don't need a fancy camera just one that has the ability to zoom in and at least 10 mega pixels in mho) point and shoot is my style of camera!
    I remove the pictures all the time from the cards and delete them off the cards.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity…
    good luck camera shopping!

  17. I love how your doll quilt turned out! The fabrics you chose are lovely, please include me in your draw. I struggle taking pictures of my quilts too – I'll have to try Monica's advice.

  18. Wonderful quilt! I have found if I turn on all the lights I can, and shoot from a bit of a distance, it helps me. Best is natural sunlight, though. Thank you for your generosity of heart.

  19. I also have an older Sony digital, but I agree that pictures are clearer if you back off and zoom in. Good luck and I'd love your fabric. Your quilt is beautiful.

  20. Wow your quilt turned out great! I have used a very old Sony digital for years. But my children gave me a Canon Power Shot for Christmas this year. I am amazed at the difference this little camera makes in picture quality. It often doesn't even need the flash as it seems to gather more light then the old one. I can also shoot at a much closer range w/o the picture being blurry. Hope you find something you love, as that is the key in picture taking. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway 🙂

  21. Your quilt is beautiful! It's been fun seeing how everyone's turned out. I have an Olympus camera, point and shoot. Somtimes I take really good photos with it and other times I have problems too. I think it is me, not the camera and I think I will try the advice from Monica's comment above.

  22. I have Nikon D50 and a Coolpix S570. For the quick everyday photos I like to use the Coolpix. Its small and easy to use. It has a little green box when you start to depress the button that shows you exactly where it is focusing in on.

    For your blurriness, one possible problem could be that you are standing too close. It's always better to stand back farther and zoom in. When you stand too close the camera cannot focus. Without knowing more about how you use your camera, that's the best answer I can give you.

    Hope that helps.

  23. I don't think I can help out with the camera problem, but I am happy I found your blog. I have some old family quilts that I am considering duplicating and your blog is just the inspiration I was looking for. Thanks for the giveaway, too. More fabric helps.

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