Son of House Block

Son of House Block
The house quilt currently in my blog header is one I’ve long wanted to reproduce but have only gotten as far as the single block at the top of this post. I was playing around with my red and green fabrics this weekend (cannot stop with those colors) and instead of making more blocks for my house quilt I decided to try the same block in a 3″ version (oops, flipped the door piece upside down). So, voila, here is son of house block. Took me the entire evening last night so I won’t be doing a whole quilt of these little babies. I think I’ll check Pottery barn and see if they have a frame to fit it.
I also realized I never announced the day I am picking the winner of the little nine patch giveaway (see last post) so that will be this Wednesday, December 15. I will also be announcing my next giveaway and I think it is exciting so check back mid-week!

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  1. oh so is this the quilt you will make over the Christmas holidays I hope you have lots of time off! I love, love, love the little block!
    how cute!
    hmmm maybe a little quilt of red and green houses?
    have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Your house block is so cute. I've been a sucker for 'house' quilts ever since I made one up year before last. It was one of the funnest quilts I have ever made.

  3. I like house blocks too. But they are so fiddly, with so many pieces and that isn't dealing with a 3" block. One sounds like plenty to me. And it is sooo cute.

  4. I printed out a 3 inch house pattern in Electric Quilt a couple weeks ago. I was going to try paper piecing it. I paper pieced some for a mini quilt several years ago for a guild auction. Don't remember what size I did the houses on that project.

  5. I love the 3" house!! I have a few 6" ones and they were challenging enough! 😀 You certainly can't go wrong with red and green! Hope you are finding time to enjoy the holiday season!
    Mary Lou

  6. I have always loved house patterns, and now that I see your adorable Son of House Block, I am inspired to make a House Doll Quilt, although maybe 4" blocks instead of 3"!

  7. I love house blocks and have great plans like you to make one. I did do a wonderful swap with a great group with repro fabrics of the 1800`s and they are still waiting to be put together cause I want to have the `perfect` setting.
    I love your SOHB great color selection. I also have another idea for a house block with Amish color a blue house but in the window area sampler six in blocks I seen a quilt done like this in Kingston Ontario from the Limestone quilters they had a draw and I bought 40 dollars in tickets I wanted that quilt so bad..but no luck.
    don`t give up the first block always takes the longest it would be great as a wonderful mini

  8. Hi Taryn, your house block is lovely, I especially like the antique house quilt in your blog header, the fabrics are gorgeous.

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