Guilty Pleasures mini quilt giveaway

I have a confession…in December my work gets rather hectic and prevents me from truly savoring the holiday spirit. So, sometimes I will stop at Starbucks before I head home from work and buy myself a peppermint mocha or a hot chocolate in their festive holiday cups and sip it as I listen to classical Christmas music on satellite radio in my car. Another little treat I give myself is to listen to the Harry Potter book series while commuting or cooking or sewing. Yup, books 1-7, in order. While they aren’t Christmas books, they all have a special Christmas scene and the theme of magic lifts my spirits while I participate in drudgery (i.e., commuting or the dull everyday kind of cooking – of course, the sewing isn’t drudgery).

What is your guilty pleasure? Leave a comment and I’ll put you in a drawing for the mini quilt pictured above. To give you an idea of the size of the blocks, take a look at the rather blurry photo below.

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  1. At this time of the year, as I wrap up teaching 7 online courses this fall semester with the exams this week, I am guilty reading books, magazines, blogs, watching TV holiday programs, and feeling just a tad guilty that I am not preparing for back to school set up for January 10. Oh well…time for fun, family, and the holidays.

    Love this quilt and the size just amazes me!

  2. What an amazing mini quilt – I couldn't imagine making anything so tiny!
    Harry Potter is one of my favorites too, I have read them all a few times.♥

  3. Love the quilt!! Great giveaway! I have to say shoes, shoes and shoes. Right now it's boots. Work is crazy this time of year and I "needed" a pair of boots with a flat heel. It's as guilty and pleasurable as the come!!

  4. Guilty pleasure? Visiting thrift shops looking for clean, quality shirts for my shirt quilts. AND stopping to pick up a chocolate shake on the way home. Love your little quilt! What a sweet give-away!

  5. I adore your little 9-patch quilt – it has all my favorite colors in it! My guilty pleasure is chocolate – always has been – always will be!

  6. That is a wonderful mini.. I love mini`s and know this is just as much work as making a big one oh this would be such a wonderful Xmas gift.
    As for my quilty pleasure from the holidays it is to stroll through one of the many quilt shops that are on my way home from work. It is a great way to forget all the world around me.

  7. Absolutely adore your mini quilt – they are a favorite of mine! Your piecing is gorgeous.

    My guilty pleaure – I also pickup a holiday coffee drink and head to pick up my daughters early. I bring my English Paper piecing with me and sit in my car, favorite station on and stitch a few tumbler blocks with no one needing me!My girls are 3 and 7 with lots of energy and endless chatter ( comes from me!) so quiet time is golden.

  8. I just found your blog and you are added to my favorites. Aren't the vintage quilt patterns wonderful!! My quilty pleasure must revolve around pecans. Living in the south–well I love Pralines.

  9. my guilty pleasure is sneaking off to the Studio and taking some "me" time

    …even if I'm working on some one elses quilt

  10. chocolate ~ lunch breaks at the fabric store ~ skinny sf vanilla lattes ~ sewing when I should be cleaning the house ~ See's bordeaux truffles ~ napping on sunday afternoon ~ and most of all…buying stacks of fabric for some unknown project (love is love, right?).

  11. what a sweet little quilt – the pieces are sooo tiny!
    Guilty pleasure? hhhmmm, I have many.
    When I get up – early – I light a scented candle, make a cup of coffee and listen to the current book on my ipod (I've also listened to all the HP books) and I sit and quilt on the LR couch. It's a great way for me to start my day. At christmas time I sit and look at the angel tree and the dickens village –
    oh, and wine at the same spot for a little bit before dinner – doing the same thing 🙂

  12. My guilty pleasure is sitting down in the middle of the day to do some hand stitching. I put on some music and maybe have a cup of tea and stitch away.
    Your squares are so tiny on the quilt. Beautiful.

  13. My guilty pleasure is Walkers shortbreads. I buy a box and don't share with anyone. So good with a cup of tea in the afternoon if no one is around. Love the mini quilt. I tried making a Jo Morton mini and gave up after the first tiny block. Yours is beautiful.

  14. I own a quilted jewelry business, which I love, but it doesn't always allow time for me to do handwork. So, my latest guilty pleasure is a cup of hot tea, a chick flick and finishing binding or hand quilting!

  15. My guilty pleasure is sneaking chocolate chips out of the bag, and it is getting so I don't even feel guilty about that! I do love that little quilt, as well as your others! The little ones are always so darling!

  16. OMG!!!! Hope you didn't have to sneeze when you put this tiny quilt together hihi!!! Oh, the HP films are on our favourite channel, 1 each Friday night!!! How about that for a nice begin of the weekends?? Hope you have a lovely weekend! Daniëlle

  17. Wow…tiny and perfect! Fingers crossed here for this one!! My home has little quilts poking out of baskets, on walls, tables etc…can't get enough of em!
    Guilty pleasure….that heated Krispy Kreme donut I ate this morning…I knew better!

  18. What a beautiful tiny quilt and a wonderful giveaway. I have a few guilty pleasures, quilting books are top of the list and I don't always admit to buying them.

  19. I am in awe over those teeny tiny blocks! So precious…hmmmm…guilty pleasure? Driving to New Orleans (about 50 miles south) and having coffe and beignets at Cafe' Du Monde in the French Quarter.

  20. Taryn….this quilt is sweet sweet sweet! I love it! Minis are so much fun!

    My guilty pleasure is hitting the thrift shops for the men's shirts for quilting. I don't need any more for my stash, but I can't seem to get through a Wednesday without going! And when my hubby asks how many I found, I always shrug my shoulders, say the number, and look coy! So I guess I must feel a little guilty about it, huh? lol

    But for a buck a shirt, why stop!?! HA!

  21. Amazing quilt with those tiny pieces…Please enter me into this drawing. My guilty pleasure is chocolate – we keep a bag of good dark chocolate minis and sometimes I have the need to grab one to eat as go through the kitchen. I tell myself that dark chocolate without all the sugars is good for me. Second, I love quilting and fabrics. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  22. When the boys are out of the house, 3 mornings a week, I can't wait to turn on the TV and watch an adult show w/ no interruptions. When I clean, vacuum of uggh – kitchen work, I listen to Ray Stevens greatest hits – like " the streak" – goofy, funny songs to make me laugh while I do chores.

  23. My guilty pleasure is a novel and cup of coffee.

    Your quilt is gorgeous–I'd love to win it. Fingers crossed!


  24. How in the world…..???? This is an incredible quilt and I would love to win it just to see for myself that it can be done! You are amazing! My guilty pleasure… is checking blogs for inspiration, entertainment, and enjoyment!

  25. Wow, those are tiny blocks, I didn't even think that was possible! I would live to win this baby. My favorite guilty pleasure…hmmm…I have so many. Besides continuously checking blogs, snuggling in quilts, eating mini chocolate bars at my desk all day long…how about modern British chick-lit? Sophie Kinsella is awesome, but embarrassing to have blaring out my car speakers when I start my car!

  26. That is an adorable quilt that I would love to own!!
    My guilty pleasure is stopping at Barnes & Nobles for a double chocolate cupcake when I am in that area…they are sinfully scrumptious.

  27. Amazing! When I try something so small it always seems a little lopsided. My guilty pleasures are checking blogs when I should be catching up on the ironing ~ which is want I am doing now. And of course collecting more quilt books & fabric. My husband says he now knows where our future retirement funds are being spent! from Jenny

  28. What a sweet little quilt! I can't get over how small those pieces are…it would be so much fun to quilt. I'm with Julie in the guilty pleasures department. I love my Frappacino…I'm also a fabric addict.

  29. Golly, those square are tiny…and wonderful! My guilty pleasure is quilting time. I try to do all my housework/to-do stuff…then enjoy some machine time! I do on occasion love to go to Starbuck for a Frappacino!!

  30. My guilty pleasure at this time of year would have to be Baileys in my Sunday morning coffee and short bread cookies. Both add to the hips so I don't do it often, but I so enjoy these treats! What a beautiful giveaway.

  31. Oh my goodness are those blocks tiny. I would love a chance to win as absolutely know that I could never do that myself!! My guilty pleasure is something from Starbucks depending on the season – Pumpkin Spice Latte around Thanksgiving and whatever is appropriate to the season. I just close my brain to the voice in my head telling me how many calories are in them. I also have a weakness for Iced Mocha Coffee with whipped cream and chocolate from McDonalds too.

  32. I recently found your blog and have had fun looking at your older posts.

    Yikes it is insane how tiny the blocks are on this quilt, but I have the perfect place for it in my home.

  33. The first to comment, I can't believe it! I also can't believe how tiny those blocks are…….Oh how I would love to win!!! My guilty (sometimes quiltly) pleasure is buying fabric online, like I did today. And, I am right there with you with the hot chocolate, just add a choc. chip muffin or cookie to my order! I listen to books at home while I am sewing. I will have to get the Harry Potter series. I have read bits and pieces to the kids and watched the movies, but never gotten around to the entire book series.
    Thanks for the chance to win the mini quilt, just love it!!

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