It’s basketball season…March madness.  The TV in my house is spouting the sound of fans cheering, sneakers squeaking, and announcers talking, talking, talking.  My hubby likes tournament season but it drives me a bit mad.  Still, some of it seeps into my head which is why I could not stop thinking, “and…one,” after I finished binding one more small quilt as my alma mater lost its NCAA tournament game.  I almost dunked my quilt when celebrating the turning off of the TV.  At least for a few days.

This is a reproduction of a courthouse steps doll quilt I saw on Pinterest.  It was a snap to put together and has been waiting for its binding for about 18 months.  When I started looking for the “right brown” to bind it with, I was reminded that red goes with everything.  And so it does.  It is also a very cheery color to stitch and I think I set a record getting this one sewn down.

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  1. Your Courthouse Steps quilt definitely has an old look. I like it very much as I like log cabin style quilts, like browns, and I like the "old" look.

  2. No idea what your on about with your basketball as its not a sport we get on this side of the pond.
    Your quilt is a whole different ball game it's a sweet quilt and red is good.

  3. Red and brown–a favorite color combo! Great little quilt.
    Basketball fans here. But we don't get all of the channels the games are on, so we enjoy what we can get and I stitch as I mostly just listen. If it is a really amazing play I watch the replay. : )

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