Four Patch Inspiration

Last week I fell in love with a little quilt on Laundry Basket Quilts’ Instagram feed.

saved from @laundrybasketquilts on Instagram

I didn’t intend to reproduce it right away but I happened to notice a pan of four patches I’ve been making for another project.


Surely, I wouldn’t set myself back too much if I pilfered 24 of them from the pile.  And, this blue just happened to be right on the cutting table.

It’s there because I used it in my tantalizing triangles (a.k.a., Panama Pyramids) which are not on the cutting table but residing on my stool for now.

And, this red seemed perfect for the borders and it was in a pile of fabrics I bought (last year) that is waiting patiently to be filed away in the stash.  I’m not showing the pile of fabric – too embarrassing.

So, this little quilt came together in about 90 minutes.

Now, back to hand sewing triangles and squares.  My hand stitched postage stamps are adding up rather nicely.

And I have a little collection of triangle block kits ready to stitch.


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    1. Thanks Jean! I just finished the quilting on this one and am really pleased with how it turned out. Just took a couple of years for a very small quilt. I should get all my unfinished projects done in one lifetime at that pace, no?

  1. I came across your blog…Beautiful quilts!! I am helping my aunt sell her feed sack collection…Any interest? She has deconstructed sacks from he 20's and 30's. She is a "retiring" quilter and would love to see them go to a fellow quilters home. I have pictures…$12 each OR $2200 for the lot (approx 228).

  2. Saw that ig post too, loved it, your version is great, I can imagine you were inspired. Great pyramids too, am making them as well, but a bit slow going due to other projects I had planned. Enjoy all your projects!

  3. I noticed that little quilt too. Love how you got it together so quickly. I love hearing about the piles other Quilter's have, but then how those piles come in so handy.

  4. Excellent reproduction of that little quilt. I am trying not to get sucked into that vortex!! : )
    Oh, you are more patient than I to accomplish all of that hand stitching. Great projects!

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