A little finish and a new camera

I just finished binding the little quilt I blogged about previously (but darn if I can find when it was, otherwise I’d link to it). It’s another I had quilted by Bellwether. I hope you aren’t getting tired of hearing me say that. I am on hiatus from antique quilt shopping (still antique quilt admiring, though) because the prices have crept up and the deals are harder to come by. Besides, I am finding it so much more fun to send my completed tops off for hand quilting and these little quilts don’t have the storage problems of the big ones.

This is a busy quilt so it is hard to appreciate the hand quilting when looking at the front. I enjoy admiring the work from the back. Yes, I see those threads I still need to trim off.

Don’t you just love the close cross-hatching?

I lost my camera when we were at the graduation in Florida. I thought I would be stylish and ditch the tote bag I usually lug around for a cute little purse. The family didn’t get the memo and still dumped everything they were carrying onto me. My purse runneth over, as they say, and the camera escaped. It wasn’t anything fancy but was blissfully simple to use. I am going to a quilty event this Wednesday and needed a replacement – fast. Wish me luck as I try to learn the new one I just bought.

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  1. I love the little quilt. The blue and pink borders are a great combination. Of course, the hand quilting is wonderful My two little quilts are there now.

  2. The quilting on your little quilt is wonderful. I can tell you appreciate hand quilting as not many will pay to have that done.

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