Look what came in the mail!! (and giveaway)

I was so excited to open a squishy envelope and find this great needlekeeper from Teresa W. I have to confess something, though. She sent it about 3 months ago and I only just opened the mail. I’ve been receiving several block of the month, mini of the month and a quarterly (or something) shipment for the Prairie Women Sewing Circle. Since the summer has been super busy (and the sewing machine’s been in the shop) I’ve been piling the envelopes up to be opened at a later date. Well…this morning I decided to attack the pile of mail and I found my little treasure.

I have long wanted to make one of these little cuties myself. But, if I don’t have time to open the mail then you can imagine I am not getting any projects finished, either. Besides, as all of you who continually make things for others, it is always such a pleasure to be the recipient of another’s handwork. So, thank you, thank you to Teresa W!

Another thing I discovered today is that I have too many kits piled up. I am now unsubscribed from any and all monthly kit mailings and am giving the one pictured above away this week. It is from the current Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle series and is called “The Quilting Gathering.” The kit includes a bit of history, instructions and all the fabrics to make the top. Oh, there is a photo of the finished top, too. You might have to squint to get a good look at it. If you want a chance at taking on this project, leave a comment and I’ll pick the winner Thursday evening. Be sure that I have a way to contact you if you leave a comment.

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  1. what a nice surprise and a sweet little needle keeper!
    Please share your kits with someone who doesn't have too many quilt deadlines, lol.

  2. have heard of these quilt programmes, but am yet to see one in person (fabric??)

    please add me to the draw

    and I am in awe of your opening mail restraint also

  3. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to have a chance!

    I just love your needlebook. I'm like alot of the other ladies – I wouldn't have been able to wait to open "squishies"! 🙂

  4. Oh I love your new needle case! What a shame it was stuck in the pile so you couldn't gaze at it every day! It is beautiful. I"m willing to put that little sewing circle kit together!

  5. What a lovely Needlekeep! I recognise it as one of Kathy Tracy's designs! It's always nice to get something handmade as a gift.
    I would like to put my hat into the ring for the kit as well!

  6. That needle keeper is wonderful! And how great to open a squishy to find it's all done, and not another project to start on! Yay! That giveaway kit is wonderful…..would love to win it! Thanks for the opportunity! And I love your table topper…..am still needing to get back to my red&white project…..one day! When was that show….March!…..YIKES! lol

  7. It is so nice to get unexpected mail and then such a lovely little housewife.
    Like 41 quilters before me I too would love to sew that little quilt and would love to be the winner of your generous give away.

  8. That quilt kit is awesome and would go perfectly in my sewing room stack of kits! LOL! If I win , I promise to work on it first!

    doni @ foggy Oregon coast

  9. The little quilt kit is right up my alley and would match my home perfectly. (see today's post) LOL

    Isn't it fun to receive other surprise in them mail besides the junk and bills? Great gift!!

  10. I'm sorry to hear you've been too busy to sew. I hope something changes soon so you can get back to what you love. What a lovely little gift! The kit looks lovely too – I'd love a chance at it :0)

  11. Lot's of people are your followers, but there is always a chance I could win!!! Love the fabric and love your quilts. I to wonder how you couldn't open your mail – you have more will power than I!! Thanks for the give away!!


  12. What a wonderful pinkeep! I understand not discovering it for three months! I have a tendency to put packages in my sewing room and not open them for a while. But what a sweet thing to discover.

    I'd love to be entered into you giveaway! The kit is wonderful!

  13. Sometimes you can be so busy and just don't have time to go threw the mail! I know……!!!!!
    But it's also a lovely surprise to see so many lovely things arrive!
    What a great quilt is shows underneeth all the cuties! Is it an old one?
    And thanks for the Give-away! I would love to join in the fun!!
    Enjoy your day!

  14. You will love using your little needle keeper!
    Oooo, the litte quilt project looks heavenly! What a special give-away and a special treasure to be chosen!

  15. you have more self-control than I do..I could not wait that long to open a swishy envelope, what if it was full of money?? Your give away looks great and I would consider it a honor to win it and I promise I will open it immediately.. 🙂

  16. You have more will power than I to resist a package. The needle keeper is beautiful. Your give away is generous – are you sure??
    Looks like a cute kit.
    Take care and I hope your machine is back really SOON!

  17. I'd never make it past the living room with a package, especially a squishie one! Thanks for the chance to WIN a Kit for the Sewing Circle book. That would be a welcomed Squishie at my house!

  18. Like Janet, I don't think I've ever made a quilt from a kit. How fun this one would be. CW fabrics are my favorites. Thanks for offering it.

  19. Like a few others said before me, I would not be able to resist not opening the mail. It would be like presents at Christmas. I would to have a chance to win at your giveaway. Thank you

  20. oh – I would love to find a squishy package showing up in my mailbox. What a treat it would be to get my name picked! I'm into the mini quilt thing and it would go right along as therapy time before school starts again! Thanks in advance!

  21. I would just love to win that little kit and love those fabrics in it! Have been wanting to invest in some of the Prairie Women's quilts; but hubby has been out of work since Nov. of last year with health problems, so money has been tight. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!
    Cute sewing kit..what a nice gift for you.

  22. Hi Taryn, This week I am finishing the binding on a quilt so timing is perfect for me to win this little treasure. Thanks for your kindness. The needlekeep is lovely, what a thoughtful gift. ~~Lisa ll_gray(at)yahoo(dot) com

  23. Such will power you have, I don't think I would be able to wait so long to open the envelopes. I must be mailed deprived, I even love seeing junk mail in the mail box, of course when I get quilting mail, I am over the moon.

  24. I can't resist squishy packages for that long, even when I know I have no time to use them. I love looking at the new fabrics. That's a great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

  25. Wow, I am amazed that you had the will-power to resist opening packages during the summer! What a fun surprise to find the little needle keeper among the kits.
    Like I need another project–who does (obviously not you)? But I love the repro fabrics and patterns and I have never made a quilt from a kit before. It would be a new experience. Thanks for the generous give away!

  26. Taryn – I'm impressed with your self control for not opening all those squishy envelopes as soon as you received them – I know I couldn't have waited! LOL Please enter me in your giveaway – I'd love to stitch up that little quilt!

  27. What a cute needlekeeper! I have the same problem with Block of the Months – I have three different sets that are just piling up. Winter is coming, though, so I am set! Thanks for having a giveaway. Hope your machine is back to you soon.

  28. I totally relate, Taryn!! I have block-of-the-months piling up for "soon" and I think I'll get to them eventually….if I can find them! LOL I can't wait for your machine to be back in service again so I can track your beautiful work!
    Mary Lou

  29. Oh, what a sweet little needlekeeper to find in the mail! I have a couple small projects waiting for me on the shelf and school is just starting. Fun quilting is in the near future!! Your kit looks beautiful and I have always been so curious about The Prairie Women's Sewing Circle!

  30. Your needle keeper is so sweet. What a great discovery. And what an awesome giveaway. The little quilt is beautiful. I would love an opportunity to piece it.

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