A little what-not

Do you find yourself taking a vacation from what you “should” be doing? I am guessing you do.  A while back I was hand stitching “little houses from scraps” using blue (sky) for background and a yellow to represent a light in the window.  But, for some reason, I made three with a light shirting background that I was going to do something else with but had no plan.  Yet.

This week, out of nowhere, it popped in my head that one of the house blocks would make a cute little needlebook.  I love little sewing gadgets that I can take along with me; there is something cozy about them.  Dropped everything and started playing with the scraps.

I made a nine-patch for the back and added a small strip between the nine patch and the house block to allow for the fold.  I added some batting and did some quilting (is it quilting if you only stitch two layers?).  Then stitched a lining, turned, and added some more quilting stitches to hold the lining in place.  Cut a piece of felt for the inside, hand stitched that in place, stitched a bead on the back edge and a loop on the front edge to close it up.

Now, I better get back to what I was supposed to be doing.

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  1. I’ve been so fidgety lately..and this little needlework seems like a perfect little project thank you your work is charming 🌱

  2. Saw your sweet little houses and was hit with a large jolt of quilting guilt! Love how you turned one of the blocks into that little needlebook. I have about 2 1/2 months done on that original Building Houses From Scrap plus the larger center block is done. And there they sit…neglected. How many other projects have moved ahead of that one? Those houses needed finishing!!!

  3. Hi Lorraine, the pattern came from another blogger a few years ago. Google Building Houses from Scraps and it will come up. She sells stamps on Etsy and I think you can buy the pattern there too.

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