Rouge et blanc; Rode en witte; Blanquirrojo

Quilters love squishy envelopes in the mailbox. It is even better when the squishy envelope is a generous gift. Kathie sent some ecology cloth which I think is the perfect “white” for a vintage looking red and white quilt. Thanks Kathie!!

I saw an adorable doll quilt when I visited the Greenwich (Connecticut) Historical Society last year and have been wanting to reproduce it ever since. So, I washed my new ecology cloth, chose the perfect red and played around trying to make a small “T” block. The first one was pretty terrible, the second was better and I had it pretty much figured out by the third. I am pleased with how the colors reproduce the look of one of my vintage red and white quilts.

Here is the first row of “T” blocks. It takes a long time to make such a small block so I am even using the trial blocks. The original quilt wasn’t perfect and neiher will this one be. I pulled the winners of the magnet sets from the Virtual Red and White quilt exhibit. Congratulations to: Elizabeth, Lynn, and Diane. Thank you to everyone who shared a quilt! I loved getting inspired by your treasures.

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  1. Shucks! I was hoping to win one as they were sold out by Monday. Congrats to the winners. I see a red & white quilt or two in my future. What a fun show you put on, thanks for letting me share my pieces of work.

  2. Everyone is doing a red and white quilt!! I have to get things off my list so I can start one. You have inspired me. I love your Ts so far.

  3. The little T block with the rail fence type border? That was one of my very favorites at the show. Ecology cloth/muslin really has a great look to it, doesn't it? Looks like you found a great red, too!

  4. congrats to the winners, They were sold out of magnets when I went to the show , I hope they reprint them. I need a set of them!
    the t blocks look great, glad you like the ecology cloth 🙂
    my favorite!
    ooohhh love that nine patch quilt in the background, pretty sneaky showing parts of that 🙂

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