Would you like cheese on that?

Of course! Everything looks better with cheddar. I’ve been saving 1-1/4″ squares whenever I cut for a repro project and keep them in a little plastic box. When it starts to burst, I put together a little quilt. Many of my recent scrappy projects have been turning out a little too…well…scrappy. So, I tapped into the cheddar fabric hoard. The one I used is by Bonnie Blue (Marcus Fabrics) and it is a real favorite. Since most of the fabrics are from Judie Rothermel’s lines I am calling this one, “Say Cheese Judie.” Cheesey, I know.


This is my little storage box. Don’t you just love cute little boxes? When I am cutting my stars (at the top of the photo) I cut a couple of extra 1-1/4″ squares and stash them away for a quick fix project later.


Update: the fabric is already spoken for – Congratulations Teresa!

Finally, I’ve been culling through my fabric collection lately and have a stack of fabrics I am willing to send to someone who can appreciate them more than me. All of the fabrics in the photo above fit into a medium USPS box and I will send them to the first person who says she (or he, but I don’t think I have a lot of male readers) wants it. Not a giveaway contest; you claim it first and it is yours. Sorry, I can only ship this one to continental U.S.

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  1. What a darling little cheddar quilt. I love your idea for cutting extra little squares and those boxes are great — you are way more organized than I am.

  2. I love the way you did the give away –
    congrats teresa – she's a lucky duck!
    Your little quilt is so perfect! I love the cheddar

  3. Lucky Teresa! Lovely little cheddar 4-patch. I think I have some of that cheddar fabric, too. I try to be organized, but don't always succeed. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. great little quilt I need one too!
    I make little blocks like that too and save them for the future 🙂
    oh lucky her getting all that beautiful fabric!!!!
    wow how could you part with those????

  5. Love the cheddar, a colour I love.
    Congratulations to Teresa for receiving this wonderful gift of fabrics.


  6. You make me laugh 🙂

    Love the quilt. And you boxes. I really can't believe that you do such tiny, equisite quilts. I even have one of yours at home to prove it, and I still don't believe it! Gorgeous work!

  7. I.wish.i.lived.continentally.Sorry.the.spacebar.on.this.keyboard.does.not.work.Great.little.quilt!Do.you.intend.to.have.a.wall.full?I.have.one.pieced.inspired.by.one.you.showed.earlier.Cheddars.are.always.interesting.and.somehow.calming.Beautiful.stars.too!Take.care-sorry.again.about.the.typing:)

  8. What a fun little thing you collect and turn into such a lovely quilt! I should also start saving my 1 1/4" squares from the binding strips left over. Thanks for a great idea! I love your little containers to store the scrap squares. Where did you find them?

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