More Red and White Quilts – part 2

I might have mentioned once (or twice) how much I love house quilts and when I saw Paula’s version I started planning one like it of my own. Are these pieced mansions or perhaps multi-family dwellings? Her quilt pictured above is actually a small version of a Schoolhouse quilt made in NY or Pennsylvania around 1910.

She plans to make more red and white quilts, mostly in a reduced size to make them easier to display. I like that idea. I have some excellent antique quilts but am not able to enjoy them as much as I like because they are too big to display. My blue and white house quilt is an exception and I display it regularly.

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  1. I fel like I have to rush off and make something red and white as I drool over your posts. I love the manasions, they remind me of the houses up the street we call Mcmansions. I adore the small quilts from Paula, what a talent!

  2. I LOVE house quilts, wow LOVE this one
    the shape and size of these houses just warms my heart!
    any idea what size the houses are?
    oh my…they remind me of old school houses

    you have just added a few more quilts to my list of quilts to make
    guess I had better go on a red fabric hunt/ spending spree!

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