I’m late

I finally  got around to pulling the winners for the double book giveaway from my last post.  Please forgive my tardiness.  Life, family and work all have been demanding my time and attention lately.  Without any further ado, the winners are Pleasentree and Heirlooms By Ashton House.  Both winners have blogs this time but that definitely wasn’t a requirement.  Ladies, your book will be on its way right after tomorrow’s holiday.
Somehow, I missed June.  Well, I know how…I just stopped paying attention to everything but my work.  But, I promised myself that things are going to change for July.  I am not letting this summer pass me by without some serious enjoying of lazy days.  I’ve been playing baby beluga in the pool the last two days and I can only describe it as divine.  The weather is hot, hot, hot and the water is refreshing.
Since I refuse to post pictures of me in a bathing suit I don’t have any other photos of what I’ve been up to so I am going to share a few photos of what I think is one of my most interesting antique quilts.  The one pictured above is a crib quilt (I believe).  As I mentioned in my last post, my favorite style is red and green and it doesn’t matter if it’s applique or pieced.  This one has both.
Here is a closer picture of the center applique.  In addition to the red and green I like the addition of the pink.  You can also see the machine quilting.
This photo is a little better shot of the quilting.  I love the pieced Lemoyne Star or whatever you call the block with the extra little partial stars (I call it extra work).
Here’s a photo of the Lily or Carolina Rose (or whatever you choose to call it) block.  This is another favorite pattern for me.  Someday I’ll share pictures of another quilt I have that is completely made from these blocks AND it has signatures!
So, I think we can agree, red and green and piecing and applique are all very nice.  But, I promised interesting so here’s the twist:
This is the back of the same quilt.  Granted, it is in pretty rough shape but I believe this part of the quilt is early nineteenth century – my best guess is c. 1830-40.  In addition to red and green I love stars in quilts and the sawtooth border on three of the sides.  Much of the fabric is gone but I really love that blue and only wish I could have seen it in its prime.
Look at little closer…you can see the machine piecing lines but there is also some hand quilting that only shows on this side of the quilt.  I have no information on this quilt but it brings lots of questions to mind.. Was this an early crib quilt that a later woman decided to extend its life?  Why was the red and green top added?  Why not cover the star side, too?  What about those blocks on the red and green side – were they orphan blocks you decided to put into a quilt?  And, finally, the question we so often have about antique quilts…who made it?

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  1. Absolutely love it – especially how the maker completely ignored the fact that the pieced corner blocks didn't quite fit – so she just made them fit!…"I'll just applique this petal over this piece of star thats OK"…
    And the back – oh how your heart must have skipped when you saw it – mine did! Too precious to put inside the quilt so we'll just put it on the back…love it.

  2. What blessed little one slept under that exquisite quilt? Wouldn't it fun to know its history?

    Even in the northwoods of Wisconsin, it is uncharacteristically way too hot and humid…At least we have had regular rainfall so everything remains green.

    Wishing you a Happy 4th!

  3. Wow you sure delivered interesting!! What a fabulous quilt. What a story it would have to tell. It looks soft, worn, and well loved – I like the pink binding :0)

  4. The applique quilt with the pieced corners is unusual and very interesting. I am going back for another look to study it a bit.

  5. What a surprise to have an old quilt with one theme, baby, on one side and another theme, adult, on the other side! Might be something fun to do for those special babies in our lives so they could have a chance to reuse their baby quilts as adults…I like it!

  6. What a lovely aquisition, I wonder how many baies slept under it. I love the surprise back. I especially love the corner blocks.
    Congrats to the winners of the books.

  7. Very fascinating quilt. Wish it could tell its story. The random basket block, the two sides, machine and hand quilting–someone please explain. : )

  8. This quilt is wonderful! I love the red and green side, too, but the other side is lovely! Worn and loved to bits…..sweet! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Gosh, I loved your post! Love the red and green and all the detail. I do love that back and isn't it a spiffy one!

    It's hot here too and we Michiganians are suffering. Haven't had rain in almost two months where I live and things are crunchy. Your pool sounds heavenly 😉

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