This going to take awhile

This is a quick post so I can whine just a bit.  You are forewarned.  My hubby had an unexpected business trip this evening so I thought I was going to get lots of sewing done.  Instead of tackling my list, though, I tried putting together one of the blocks for my son’s quilt.  Actually, I was supposed to cut more strips for my half square triangles but I messed up on the first fabric (the yellow above) and, trying to make lemonade from lemons, decided to test out a block.  I cut the triangles for the outside of the block and then realized all the outside edges were going to be bias.  Did I stop and read the directions?  Nope, plowed right on.  Then, I headed to the sewing machine but when I stepped on the foot pedal, the machine started sewing…backwards.  &^%*(#  Not this again.  I tried turning it on and off, unplugging, whatever.  It still went backwards.  But I plowed on.  I wound up trying everything; literally pushed all the buttons and turned all the knobs.  Finally, it went forward.  Then I couldn’t keep all the triangles pointing the right direction.  I had to “unsew” at least four times.  I haven’t ripped anything out in two years until tonight.

I just read the directions.  I cut the yellow triangles wrong but I’m still using this block.  The rest of the blocks will not have bias edges on the outside.  Duh!  Tomorrow I am working on a different project and will stick to cutting and sewing the half square triangles.  If it takes me a whole evening to complete a block this is going to take awhile!!

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  1. Sometimes when things are going that way, it is better to leave it and go work on a hand project!
    It is a great looking block.

  2. Don't you love technology that simplifies our life? Good luck with this project, looks like it will be a beauty when it's finished. Love the scrappy piecing.

  3. It's a lovely block. Try just a touch of spray starch to stabilize the bias on the outside edge. Spray starch does have a tendency to shrink fabric though. You may want to starch the yellow prior to cutting out any more pieces and that will help keep loose threads in check. Looking forward to seeing more when you have time.

  4. so sorry I know your sewing time is limited to have all this happen in one night ugh!
    but have to say the block is amazing and worth the effort….
    keep at it.

  5. What a maddening evening of sewing you had. That is not what quilting is all about. Supposed to be our therapy, not our stressor.
    Hope future blocks come together more smoothly!

  6. I feel so sorry for your quilting frustrations tonight, but thank you for posting about less than perfect progress! Sometimes I think we ignore all the warning signs that it's not a good night to press onward on a particular project.:) Love your scrappy block even if it's got bias edges!

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