Paint by numbers

 I finally got some quality quilty time this past long weekend.  I fought the urge but had to start a new project just to kick start things again.  Last month I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Edyta Sitar and came away with such an urge to make half square triangles.  I also came away with a new book and some fabric but I digress.  My middle child was the first to leave the nest and he asked for a special quilt.  I’ve spent the last two years trying to settle on the “perfect” one to mark such a milestone.  Fortunately, when Edyta showed her “Mountain Top” quilt I knew I’d found it.  It is the perfect pattern to marry my repro fabrics and something much more modern for a young man.  It also allows me to squeeze in some pinks and purples while camouflaging them with something a little more masculine.  I am pasting my fabrics into my quilt journal so that I can get a sense of how they are playing together and so I don’t re-buy any of the batiks when I head to the local quilt shop.

I am still working on the Mary Mannakee block 2.  There are plenty of more complicated applique blocks but this is the fussiest one I’ve every attempted.  That funky flower on the top left that looks like “jazz hands” took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  And, there are two in the block.  Sigh.  I do like the way the block is gradually filling in.  It makes me think of a paint by numbers project.  I am still pondering how to tackle the middle flower that has some very small little holes.  At least everything is relative…compared to the middle flower the jazz hands are seeming quite simple now.

And…what’s a post without my Lemoyne Stars.  Did I mention they were hand pieced?  Of course I did.  Anyway, I’ve sewn some together and couldn’t resist showing off my piles of completed star blocks.  It might be time to commit to a finished size quilt and determine how many stars I actually need.  Hmmm… maybe not yet.  I would hate to get discouraged to find that I am still about 200 stars away from my goal.

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  1. Well, you are very organized! Such a nice journal! You should make a mini quilt out of those little squares when you finish the quilt…give the quilt to your son and keep the mini for a mug rug for yourself! Love those stars….so beautiful. I am impressed that you are plugging along. I sooooo love handwork… like you!

  2. Some wonderful work to admire there! I adore your MM block – the fabrics you have used are perfect too! And isn't it the most beautiful block to work on? I actually love the fussy ones. My goodness you have done a lot of Lemoyne stars! – gorgeous, gorgeous work!

  3. Edyta's work is always so inspiring – I look forward to watching you make this quilt! Love your applique block – wish I could do needle turn – this is so impressive. Your stars are wonderful, and you've gotten a lot done!

  4. Great stuff again! Your applique is beautiful and I love the Lemoyne stars. Great idea to put the fabrics in a notebook, haven't done that yet.

  5. I always intend to keep fabric swatches organized like that, but have yet to do it.
    That looks like a very involved applique block–glad it is you doing it, not me. : )
    Gorgeous stars!!

  6. I use a notebook too for fabrics. I have the bad habit of picking up the same fabrics all the time. Can't wait to see what the quilt looks like for your son. Mine requested a t-shirt quilt. Not a lot of fun making one of those.

    Your applique looks wonoderful. I would be afraid of those flowr petals with their points.

  7. What a lovely post! Your MM block is looking fabulous!! I love that Jazz hands red – I've been hoarding some and I need to break it out and use it. Your stars are wonderful, you certainly have a lot made. I love them together with the alternate squares. I look forward to seeing your new project develop.

  8. I love how Edyta Sitar combines repro fabrics with batiks. I would never have thought.. but it sure works for her. Can't wait to see what you make for your son. Meanwhile, I am green with envy over your lemoyne star blocks! I don't even think I could make one. Do you hand piece them? They are beautiful against that gray-brown.

  9. I love your notebook idea–your hand-pieced stars are lovely and that applique, well, it is simply lovely and coming along really well…julierose

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