Home Sweet Home

Today was a great day. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny day and I just put on my sweats and a t-shirt and played with my toys (a.k.a. fabric and scissors) all day long. I recruited my son to go get me Starbucks for fuel so I didn’t have to leave my home. It has been ages since I just enjoyed myself doing what I want, in my house, with no one to answer to. There are many days I find myself just wishing I were at home. To paraphrase Dorothy, there’s no place like it. Perhaps that’s why I like house blocks so much.

I always wanted to make a big house block quilt. I started them, but can’t seem to finish. The closest I’ve come to finishing is the bright house quilt above. See, I don’t always work with repros. I am happy with the way these look put together, but have been pondering what to do for the border for years. I am thinking about a checkerboard effect with a rainbow of the colors I used in the blocks alternating with black.

I did finish a small house quilt. This one is an adaptation of a paper pieced house quilt I saw in Miniature Quilts magazine many years ago.

This was a quick and easy small quilt pattern from a Little Quilts book. It was an early effort and I was not very successful with contrast.

This is the same Little Quilts block pattern. I was just playing with my scraps and am happy with the way this turned out. I am not sure where it will wind up.

Last spring, the local theater group asked my quilt guild to make and donate a quilt for their production of the musical “The Quilters.” We actually made two as raffle quilts (one for the theater and one for our guild) plus individual blocks to be used in the production. I made the house blocks for two of them. I really liked the pattern, so I am using it in my long dreamed of big house quilt from reproduction fabrics. I am not very motivated to accomplish anything today so I played with background colors and made up some house block kits.

Traditional house block made from reproduction fabrics

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  1. I really have always loved house quilts
    have made a few too but need to make a new one
    I love the idea of making the little kits and making them when I have time and don't want to think about pulling fabrics
    hope your having a great weekend sewing away!

  2. It's always great to have a day now and then to just relax and not have to go anywhere. I love house quilts. And I especially love your pink one from Little Quilts.

  3. I also love house quilts, never made one – but on the to-do-list. I really like the repro ones but it was the bright one that caught my eye. Wonderful!

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