Giveaway winner and back to applique

The winner (at long last) of the little quilt giveaway is Judith (no blog) from the south end of Vancouver Island.  I have your address so I’ll be sending it off to you when I go back to the post office later this week.

I promised myself I would make a challenging quilt in 2013 so I’ve chosen the Mary Mannakee quilt pattern which is a reproduction of a quilt in the DAR collection.  I visited “Mary” several times over the summer while she was on display and she’s quite a looker.  Mary Mannakee lived in Rockville, Maryland back in the 1850s and I was born there a century later.  We’re practically neighbors.  I intend for my version to be as true to the original as I can make it with just a few block substitutions.

My first block is pictured above.  I figure I can make some progress if I set the Baltimore Applique Society’s monthly meetings as my goal to have a new block for show and tell each time.  A block a month, how original.  This first one was pretty easy but those tight inside curves on the center motif reminded me how much I hate appliqueing tight inside curves.  How exciting it is then that block number two has many more.
The blue lines aren’t in my block; they are on the cloth behind it.  I’ll have to keep the sheerness of my background in mind when getting ready to quilt the finished top (sometime in the next decade).

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  1. I love the MM Quilt and your start is immaculate!..shall enjoy your journey through your blog.. these are such appropriately Merry Christmas colours.

  2. I love your Mary block! Such a beautiful quilt…I've owned the pattern for yonks…its one of those "one day" type of quilts.
    So glad you're making it. I can get my MM hit vicariously through you!!

  3. Gorgeous start on your MM quilt. Years ago I had this complete pattern & decided it would be overwhelming due to my total lack of skills so I sold it on eBay. Wish I still had it – might not be so scary!
    Love the way you have used your fabrics in this block.

    Congratulations to the winner of your sweet quilt!

    Wishing you pleasant hours while you applique!

  4. This is a beautiful start to your quilt! I have never made a Baltimore before – the Mary Mannakee one is a great one. Looking forward to seeing your progress on it. Judy

  5. Love your block…I will need to see if I can find a picture of that quilt finished. Have you tried the starch method of preparing your appliqué pieces? That may really help on shapes like that center square…let me know if you need a link to a tutorial! Have a great day!

  6. beautiful block love how you fussy cut the fabric to really make it work for your block
    you have inspired me to take out my MM quilt blocks and start again…

  7. congrats to Judith on her win of your lovely little quilt~!

    the applique block is beautiful and it sounds like you have a great plan in motion. i'm looking forward to seeing more blocks as you get them done.


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