Do you like stuffing?

Above is a photo of nearly the entire quilt compliments of the panorama feature of my iphone so it looks a little skewed.  But I wanted you to get a feel for the size of this magnificent quilt – and don’t forget there are FOUR of them.
More of the lovely Amelia’s lovely quilt. The photo below is a good example of how Amelia included the naturalistic motifs into her quilting.



This photo turned out pretty well and shows, again, my favorite little crescent feather motifs plus more of the other stuffed quilting.  I should have measured the crescents because they are smaller than you realize.

Okay, next quilt.  This photo captures a bit of the next quilt we saw after Amelia’s.  I was still smitten so I had a little trouble appreciating the beauty I was beholding with this one.  But, I am sure you can get the idea.  Rather complicated piecing and then such extensive stippling and stuffing.

Who can’t appreciate a pineapple – the symbol of welcome.  Don’t you wish you could run your fingers along this one?  We wore gloves but we did get to give the stuffed motifs a little squish.  I also love the light blue fabric.

Above is just a shot of the entire light blue pieced block.

And, another blue quilt.  Darker indigo in a sunburst design.  Blue and white has been a favorite of mine.

I tried to point out the small inserted background piece of fabric on this one.  On one hand, quilts like this one fly in the face of the sentimental notion that all quilting is the result of frugality and using up every scrap of fabric.  This quilt clearly used a consistent background and indigo fabric.  But, there were numerous instances where the quilter did add in bits of background to make it work where she didn’t have quite enough of the fabric.

Finally, nearly a whole shot of the indigo quilt.  This is one that I could not get turned the right way but you get the idea.  Curse you iphone, curse you.

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  1. I have added trapunto to a couple of quilts that I have done as of late. Love it, but itis time consuming. Did four wreaths on my Amish Ice Cream Social and add some stuffing to some feathers on my red and green quilt that I am just about to finish. It really makes such a difference! I use a darning needle and yarn, pretty simple.

  2. Such marvelous quilts!! I'm so glad they let you take pictures and that you took the time to share them! I can't imagine handquilting something that densely – it is fabulous!

  3. Just gorgeous quilts. Thanks for bringing us along on your visit. The first quilt just talks to me—still wondering if the pink was red at one time like you mentioned. Not like a repro pink I have seen yet.

  4. These quilts are beautiful–but, for me–I do not like the stuffed look–fine on the wall–but not for daily use…I can't tell you why…it just down't call my name…hugs, Julierose

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