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I was holding off posting hoping to finally have a finished (by me) quilt to show but this has been a no-quilting summer. Sigh. So, I thought I’d cover my inadequacies by pulling out my celebrity look alike quilts. When I saw Kathie’s latest published quilt it made me think of this red, green and tan quilt of mine. I am not sure of its date, but it’s an oldie. Only half of the quilt is shown because I only had one quilt holder to press into service for the photo session. The block also brings to mind Strawberry Fields by the queen of the quilt-a-long, Lori.

The crib quilt above reminds me of an applique quilt posted by Lori today. The applique borders have a similar “zig zaggy” look. The stitching on the applique is nearly invisible and the quilting (see below) is perfection. Too bad most of the fabrics in the flowers have faded to white and are so thin you can see the fabric beneath.

On Ann Hermes’ blog today she posted a picture of an adorable brown doll quilt so I thought I would pull out my brown doll quilt. I don’t have an old doll bed on which to display it but I thought I’d photograph it on my cutting board so you could see its diminuitive size–approximately 8″x11″. I think this one could really use a bath but I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to douse it.

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  1. Inadequacies hihi!!Gorgeous show and tell!! Love the little brown doll quilt! Just finished basting my new old doll quilt, the first of the Doll Quilt series by Kathy Tracy. thanks for sharing, happy sewing, Daniëlle

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos of your precious antique quilts. The red green and tan one is a beauty, and l will have to buy the magazine with Kathie's pattern, so l can make my own version. And of course, what is there not to love about that adorable brown doll quilt. Be brave, give it a gentle wash!! Hope you find some time to sew soon!!

  3. I'm sorry you're not finding time to sew this summer! Your antique quilts are really wonderful. The quilting in the applique quilt looks amazing! The doll quilt is so sweet. :0)

  4. A no-quilting summer!?! I hope you have other fun things going on to make up for that serious oversight! Great quilts. I love that you called them "celebrity look-alikes"!

  5. Thank you for sharing your antique quilts. So much inspiration. Hope you'll get back to doing some of your own creating. I'm working on a small scale quilt myself with houses in the center similiar to you antique saltbox houses. Check them out at fatesdesigns.blogspot.com.

  6. Love your antique quilts!
    oh my how fun its so similar to what I made, funny.
    I wanted to use the economy block to reflect the time..red,white,blue our colors and well plaids for comfort…..thats what I came up with.
    love it in red and green, maybe i need to make it again!
    that applique quilt is just beautiful oh my perfect size for my wall…
    the little doll quilt is just so sweet I need to whip up a few doll quilts this summer. thank you so much for sharing your quilts with us.

  7. Oh my gosh! What loveliness today!!! Yes, the red adn tan quilt does remind me of the one on Kathie's blog and Strawberry fields. Lucky you have a full size antique version!!
    I love the applique quilt too and what quilting the maker put in!!

    You can give your little doll quilt a bath. I use oxy clean in lukewarm water in the kitchen sink. Email me when you get brave enough and I can give you more details.

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