Flower Garden Block #3

I am so glad to have this flower garden project. It is quick to prep – particularly when you compare to a Balimore Album or Civil War Bride block – and fun to stitch with its easy curves and fun fabrics. I really like polka dots and it is hard not to add some to every block. I went with some cool colors on this one but will be back with a bright yellow for block number 4. I don’t know why I can’t get a decent picture of these blocks, though. They all come out too dark.

Instead of getting all my small quilts machine quilted or using them as my own machine quilting practice pieces I sent some of my favorites to Bellwether. Below is one I am now calling Stacked Scraps and am loving the texture the handquilting creates. One of the drawbacks to machine quilting is deciding what to do about thread color because I prefer to see the texture instead of the thread in the stitching. Of course, the drawback to hand quilting on prints is a lot of the work goes unnoticed unless the light catches the quilt at just the right angle. Pardon the unattractive background in this photo. The light coming in my laundry room window was just right for capturing the quilting. Now, I need to decide on binding…

You can see the quilting even better in this photo. The patterns Dick Fries chose are really nice. I plan on using that straight feather in the outside borders again. Can you also see the cable in the stacked scrap blocks?

And, finally, I completed another row on the little “T” quilt. Each little block has five half square triangles which need to be squared up before I stitch them together. Boring! But, they look good togther so I must keep plugging along.

The sewing room is quite a mess right now. I really have to get into the mood to tidy things up but I am not there now.

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  1. such wonderful project going on here!
    The Ts look so crisp and wonderful and the string quilt is lovely, the quilting is beautiful, can't wait to see what color you choose for the binding.

  2. What a great applique block. Each one looks fantastic and fun!
    The quilting by Bellweather looks lovely. How nice you have this option.
    I'm loving your red and white T blocks!! Lookin' good!

  3. The little quilt looks great, how lucky you are to have people who do it. I love the progess on the T blocks and also the flower looks wonderful, it's great fun playimg around with colours for that quilt.

  4. The T's are coming along nicely!! So pretty in the red and white! Your flowers make me wanna do 'em!! LOL I'm trying so hard to make myself FINISH Circuit Rider before I start the half-a-dozen applique projects — Roseville, Civil War Bride, Mary Mannake! a new BOM I just started getting! — and I see yours and just drown in temptation! Keep up the beautiful work!
    Mary Lou

  5. Spot.. yes please love them too.
    The little quilt is a darling, so beautiful, I am planning on having a wall of small quilts in my new kitchen/diner, better get started soon

  6. I like polka dot fabrics too. Your flower block does look fairly easy. And compared to some of the Baltimore blocks, it is a piece of cake.

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