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How to Make the Ohio Star Block: Free quilting tutorial

From our series “Favorite Blocks for Small Quilts”

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The Ohio Star Block

The versatile Ohio Star quilt block has been popular among quilters since the 19th century. It looks striking in two color combinations as well as in an “anything goes” scrappy look. At first glance, the block looks complicated but if you follow the simple steps in this tutorial, it’s easy to construct.

This tutorial shows you how to make the block using two fabric colors, a blue and a white. Making the entire quilt from two colors creates a striking quilt that is the perfect showcase for quilting, whether it’s by hand or machine. However, the fabric options for the Ohio star are only limited by your imagination.

Our instructions are for making a 6″ block. This size is ideal if you want a small quilt but don’t want the block to be too difficult to make. The Ohio star block has 21 pieces and smaller sizes can get much more difficult, especially for beginner quilters. If you want to make something slightly bigger, 20 blocks set on point make a darling crib size quilt and would be a delightful baby gift.

Blue and white Ohio Star quilt block
6″ Blue and White Ohio Star Quilt Block

Parts of the Ohio Star Block

Essentially, the Ohio Star is a nine patch variation. You need five solid squares (middle and four corners) and four squares made from quarter square triangles (QST).

Cutting instructions for a 6″ block

Stitching the Ohio Star Block Together

Make the quarter square triangle (QST) blocks

First, take two blue triangles and two white triangles and lay them out together as shown below. Stitch two pairs of triangles together and then stitch the pairs to each other using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press seam open for less bulk. Make for total QST blocks. When finished stitching them, trim so that they measure 2-1/2″ square.

Square made from quarter square triangles (QST)

Layout the 9 squares of the Ohio Star Block

As mentioned above, you should have five 2-1/2″ solid squares (four blue and one cream) and four QST blocks. Lay them out as you would to make a 9-patch block.

Ohio Star blocks can be assembled on point or straight. I used 20 blocks set on point with alternate squares from the same cream fabric to make a fantastic baby quilt.

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  1. I used my new Guggenheim Scissors to cut some of the sweetest re-pro fabrics that I have. Very soothing operation, choosing colors and mood. Now for some hand piecing. Thank you for the Inspiration.

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