The Wall of Tops is on the Floor

My wall of quilts is still under construction. Here is an assortment of the tops I’ve finished. Looks like I need to get busy doing some quilting. For the particularly scrappy ones I prefer the all over little stipple. Lazy me would love to have a pro do it but the $50 minimum is steep for such small quilts. Janet did a good job teaching herself to machine quilt so I might have to follow suit. Drat, that means basting, too.

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  1. Your quilt tops are so cute. A little bit of hand or machine quilting – either one – will be great. It will be a nice wall decoration.

  2. Sew the quilts with a bit larger border than you want to finish. Then, sew them together into a big piece, using scrap fabrics to fill in spaces. Then, you can have the whole thing quilted with a small stipple, cut out each individual piece and bind them. This way you get the minimum price out of the way and get them all done.

  3. My buddy does simple machine quilting (mostly stippling) on her little tops…she doesn't baste, but uses that spray baste. It works really well for her, and she does it out in her garage (because it is stinky until it dries!).

    Your tops are so cute…can't wait to see them all finished and on the wall!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. What a fabulous collection of wee quilts. Everytime I see doll quilts, I itch to stitch one. It looks like you could bowl them over fairly quickly with hand quilting or straight lines on the machine. For somne reason, I like to hand quilt any little ones I make.

  5. You have a wonderful collection of little quilts, I love them all. I like my little quilts done in stipple quilting just because it suits them better. I have one little quilt done on a long arm and it's not the same.

  6. What lovely quilts and I am sure you will have them all quilted in no time. I am a "do it yourself" girl and quilt all of my own quilts – it is a satisfying feeling knowing the quilt is all your own work. Happy stitching!

  7. Many longarmers will do as Quilt Hollow suggests, and if you are asking for a simple all over it will probably come out at the minimum price (I used to be one of those.) Great little quilts!

  8. your wall is going to look wonderful.
    Oh I think you could hand quilt these! baste a few and have them ready to take on your trips , you will be amazed how fast they will quilt doing a little each night. I think I need to take my own advice , maybe we need a monthly challenge????
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. They are all adorable and I spy a few I have made in my own home. 🙂 A few post back I shared where I loaded all the small quilts at once on the same backing. It does take time to prep the back and batting as would a larger size quilt…but after that the fun begins with quilting each mini. Have you ever asked a longarmer to give you a deal for several mini quilts loaded on same backing? It never hurts to ask.

  10. Oh they're lovely. Perhaps it'll go more quickly than you think. I basted and quilted a runner last night and am finishing stitching the binding down as my pies bake. I spent a week dreading it and wish I had just gotten to it because the runner is much more lovely now that it's quilted and bound! ~~Lisa

  11. Oh I love all your darling little quilts! I don't machine quilt except little ones where I can sew straight lines! I keep promising to learn, but I would really rather piece. Thanks for visiting me at my blog! 🙂

  12. That wall of quilts is going to be wonderfull. When l machine quilt my mini's, l use safety pins to baste the 3 layers. And those small ones don't need much quilting. l often just do ditch quilting on them,or straight lines.

  13. I don't send my quilts out either. I'm one of those that feels it needs to be all mine and so I quilt them too.
    I love the all over cinnamon swirls design that Kim Diehl uses in her quilts. Good one to do for the scrappy quilt.

    Those quilts are just beautiful and I love the fabrics!!

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