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Lily block with hand appliqued triangles and squares on the white corners.
I’ve been thinking about getting back to blogging because there is a direct correlation between the time and effort I put into my own sewing and my number of blog posts.  If you look at the last post, you will see that I haven’t written anything since November 2016.  And there were only a handful of posts for the years before that.  I blame Facebook.  And Instagram.  Especially Instagram.  So many of my blogging buddies have abandoned their writing for the instant gratification of a Facebook and Instagram post.  I have to admit, I l-o-v-e the pictures.  But there is something in the blogging that involves thinking things through that gets me away from mindless scrolling and back to productive sewing.  But it is overwhelming to just pick up where I left off, especially since my sewing is still nearly non-existent.  So, I will start small…some easy information on something that someone else stitched.
Detail of signature – Aaron H Huntzberg
This block is my very favorite pieced block (with a bit of applique if you look closely) of all time.  There are several reasons I won’t go into now – that’s for another post.  This is just a single block that my friend Julie very graciously pointed out to me at a vendor’s booth during the recent AQSG seminar.  She is a good friend indeed because she wanted it for herself but knew I would be sad to miss it so she gave me first dibs – and I took it immediately!
Tiny blue and white 9-patch quilt: hand pieced and hand quilted.
Fortunately, we weren’t both coveting this quilt.  I couldn’t walk away from Stella Rubin’s booth empty handed and I’ve been looking at this one for a long time.  This quilt has 1,034 9-patch blocks which means there are 9,306 little squares in those 9-patches.  They are all hand pieced, no assembly line piecing on a machine.  I had to put it on my hotel bed for a photo opportunity.  I think it makes the hotel very homey but I’m not really sleeping under it.
Close-up view to get an idea of the scale of the pieces in this quilt.
Here is a picture with a quarter to better get an idea of the scale.  Each 9-patch is about 1.5 inches.
View of quilting with the red binding.
This is a simple blue and white quilt (if you call it simple to piece over 9,000 half-inch pieces plus assembling them with the plain squares) but I like that the maker added a red binding.  I’ve heard many times…”Red is a neutral.”

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  1. I am so glad you are blogging again. It would have been hard for me to resist that little red and white block, and how kind of your friend to give you first dibs on it. I think it's really interesting to see that the triangles are appliqued. I've been playing around with a block which will have appliqued triangles (IF I ever make them!). I'm pleased to know there's a history of doing this.

    That blue and white 9-patch is amazing! The creator must have been very nimble-fingered!

  2. Welcome back to blogging. I don't FB or Instagram, so, blogging is it for me. I'm catching up, after over 2 weeks away from blog reading, so, I'll also mention that I liked your part 1 of the quilt museum. Lots of interesting info in that post.

  3. I am so glad to see a blog post from you. Though Instagram is good for pictures, there isn't much description of what is actually going on. You sometimes just have to make a guess. I like knowing more of the story.

  4. I missed you. I enjoy your love of vintage quilts. It's like having a kindred spirit – someone who speaks the language of things that matter.

  5. Beautiful quilt! I like the block too. I miss a lot of bloggers too… I find some of them on instagram, but it's just not the same. I hope more will come back to blogging!

  6. Your Blog has always been one of my favorites. I like the slow pace and personal charm of Blogging as opposed to some of the other fast paced social media. Please keep the Blog, not matter how often you get to post. we will stay with you! And, I adore this tiny 9-patch. Might be fun in different dark blue prints. Hmmm??? Thanks for all your inspiring posts!

  7. We are a lot, reading your wonderful blog ! I know IG and FB are temptations ( I am there too !) but please stay with us 🙂
    This blue and white quilt is fabulous !
    Merry Christmas to you and all your family !
    Hugs from France !

  8. Love the little block, but wowsers! That Blue and white quilt is amazing! So much inspiration in that simple quilt! Thanks for sharing.:)

  9. I've stopped blogging too. Mainly because Windows 10 wouldn't let me access my photo albums of old and I still don't like their system for my photos.
    Anyway, Welcome back, so good to see you again. Maybe I'll make an effort too.

  10. Welcome back!! Love your blog and was really excited to meet you at Retreat in Temecula.. looking forward to seeing you again in 2018. I enjoyed the two very interesting quilt posts and love the idea that red is a neutral…until next time 🙂

  11. Oh, I hope you do make a comeback. 🙂
    How interesting that the block was made using applique. Don't know that I have seen that before.
    And I LOVE the blue/white tiny 9-patch blocks. Swoon!!

  12. I hear you about blogging falling away. I've been guilty of abandoning my blog myself, and have really been making an effort to not just blog, but also visit, read and comment on others' blogs. Instagram is great for the photos, but I want the back story and context and stories and personality that comes from blogs. Welcome back!

  13. I definitely think you should get back to blogging – I love reading your blog posts. That's a wonderful antique quilt block. I love the red prints and I love the penmanship of the signature. 9000 hand stitched tiny pieces – wow! That's dedication!! Beautiful!

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